Fleet owners require powerful and efficient trucks to facilitate smooth business operations. They transport industrial goods effectively from urban or rural regions. Particularly for businesses looking for industrial goods transportation, there’s no better than Tata and Eicher trucks. 

Trucks operating from the CNG fuel variant deliver great output and quick speed. Eicher Pro trucks have big fuel tank suits for some due to continuous trips. Meanwhile, Tata SFC trucks are stabilized with greater wheelbase suits for others. But which is highly preferable? Read the blog to know. 

1. Eicher Pro 2049 CNG Truck

The Eicher Pro 2049 trucks have an E 483, 2 Valve 3.3 Liter CNG engine to produce 95 HP output. Also, its overall weight in GVW is 4995 kg, providing 2286 kg of payload capacity. It helps the driver to maneuver easily with distributed weight. Moreover, the 2580 mm wheelbase ensures stability and a well-balanced ride on the flyovers. In addition, the 180-litre fuel tank promotes uninterrupted trips. The price range of this CNG truck falls within Rs. 13.32 Lakh and Rs. 14.07 Lakh. 

2. Tata SFC 407 CNG Truck

The Tata SFC CNG truck has a 3.8 SGI engine that delivers 84 HP higher output for optimal performance. Its gross weight in GVW is 5550 kg, providing enhanced loading for heavy loads. Moreover, the wheelbase of 3100 mm promotes a stabilized ride on uneven terrains. 

This CNG truck has 180 litres of fuel tank, ensuring continuous trips for intra-city cargo transportation. This Tata SFC truck is affordable for large-scale businesses within the range of Rs.12.07 and 12.40 Lakh.