The Sonalika 35 Sikander stands out as a 39 HP tractor offering remarkable value within its price range. Laden with impressive features, it remains a favored option for farmers seeking reliability and efficiency. Priced between Rs 5.85 - Rs. 6.25 Lakh*, it's recognized as one of the most economically competitive tractors available. Specifically designed to excel in the sub-40 horsepower category, it proudly represents the esteemed Sikander series, renowned for its robust performance and longevity. Engineered with a water-based cooling system, it ensures efficient cooling and guards against overheating. With a broad wheelbase measuring 1970 MM and a lifting capacity of up to 1800 KG, it effortlessly manages heavy loads. Notably, its affordability makes it inclusive across various farmer demographics, embodying accessibility at its core.