Jiyan is a prominent Aero Mutant Resonator in the fantasy game Wuthering Waves. He serves as the General of the Midnight Rangers stationed in Jinzhou, driven by a strong sense of justice and determination. Coming from a family with a deep-rooted history in medicine, Jiyan is both highly skilled and meticulous. To combat the rising threat of Tacet Discords, he transitioned from his medical background to take up arms as a soldier.


Discovering Jiyan in Wuthering Waves: Is He the Best Character


Jiyan's Abilities and Combat Skills


Normal Attack: Jiyan can execute up to five consecutive hits, with the third and fifth attacks featuring extended combo animations. It's strategic to switch characters during these extended sequences to maximize the effectiveness of your team.


Heavy Attack: Holding the attack button allows Jiyan to launch enemies into the air, following up with a descending attack. If the button is released before the enemy is airborne, Jiyan will knock them down to the ground.


Aerial Attack: Jumping and attacking triggers Jiyan’s aerial dive attack, which is effective when combined with his heavy attack or combat skills. This move is easy to trigger and highly efficient.


Resonance Skill (E): Jiyan dashes forward, dealing up to four hits. For maximum damage, it's best to release this skill close to the enemy. The E skill can also be used mid-air, followed by a descending attack and normal strikes. This makes it a versatile skill for both combat and world traversal.


Resonance Liberation (R): Activating this skill transforms Jiyan, with his normal attacks considered as heavy attacks during its duration. Jiyan gains strong resistance to interruptions and the ability to pull in smaller enemies.


Resonance Circuit: This impacts Jiyan's E and R skills. You can build up the energy gauge through standard attacks, heavy attacks, and aerial attacks. With at least half of the energy gauge filled, using the E skill will boost damage, and the R skill will deliver an initial high-damage strike.


Variation (Entry) Skill: Jiyan jumps into the air, dealing damage and enhancing subsequent skills' attack power by 10% for 15 seconds.


Extension (Exit) Skill: Jiyan’s exit skill can trigger up to twice. When another character uses a heavy attack, Jiyan will also perform a high-damage synchronized strike.


Jiyan's Role in Wuthering Waves


Jiyan excels in delivering sustained heavy damage after transforming with his ultimate skill. His base attributes, including critical rate and attack boost, make him an excellent option for a main damage dealer. Overall, Jiyan stands out as one of the most powerful characters introduced in Wuthering Waves' version 1.0, making him a top-tier choice among all available characters.


Should You Pull for Jiyan


In the initial version of Wuthering Waves, there aren't many 5-star characters available. If you're lacking a core damage dealer, Jiyan is a solid choice. However, if you already have other viable characters, it might be wise to manage your resources carefully. Consider exploring which are the best characters in Wuthering Waves, especially support characters, which are crucial for a well-rounded team.


Enhancing Your Wuthering Waves Experience


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