Plagiarism has always been a serious concern for writers, teachers and students. Some students even opt for Assignment help services to steer clear of plagiarism at any cost. It will be easier for you to avoid plagiarism in your assignment if you are aware of all the types that exist. Why lose valuable marks when you can easily avoid it? Here are the three common types of plagiarism that students usually fall prey to knowingly or unknowingly.
Direct plagiarism 
As the name suggests, this one occurs when you copy directly from one source and use it in your assignment. This is the word-for-word transcription of a section of someone else's work without attribution or quotations. This practice is completely unethical and is considered academic dishonesty.
Self-plagiarism lets you can use certain sections of your previous only after your professor approves of it. You can't expect a good mark if you submit the same piece of work for multiple assignments. You can take a look at your previous work to remember the points that you had already mentioned. There are homework help services out there that can help you identify and get rid of plagiarism effectively.
Accidental plagiarism 
This one occurs when you tend to avoid citations or misquote the sources in your assignment. You may unintentionally paraphrase similar words or sentence structures without proper attributions. Accidental plagiarisms have similar consequences as other types of plagiarism. So, take accurate and careful notes while conducting research.
At times, students tend to plagiarise without even knowing about it. Even 1% of plagiarism can take a toll on your overall academic performance and grades. Always remember to cite the sources in an appropriate format before you hand over your essay in the class. You can also get custom essay help if you don’t have the time to cite the sources.