The use of audiovisual technology to share health information for analysis, treatment, planning and even immersive diagnostic procedures is changing the direction of medical diagnosis. For the complicated life and culture of today, this is the perfect solution. This technological dimension of medicine is rapidly evolving, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes more widespread. Doctor video visit services encourage a patient to see a treatment specialist from a different location.

The patient and physician encounter occurs in real-time, similar to a live broadcast. Tools have been developed which allow the physician to evaluate cardiac monitoring, vital signs, etc. Otoscopes and stethoscopes have been modified to this system, which is similar to a doctor being in the exact location of a patient.

The use of telemedicine or doctor video visit services is versatile and can operate anywhere. It reduces visits to the emergency room and physician offices due to home monitoring. It improves health outcomes due to earlier treatment and diagnosis and greater accessibility to medical care - especially in remote locations.

Telemedicine or doctor video visit services reduce extended travel with its adverse effect on the environment and support patients, families, and clinical education programs. If used appropriately, it would greatly benefit people and hugely enhance the practice of medicine.

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