A series of studies have found that homework has a negative effect on school children’s lives in several ways. Free time plays the important role in encouraging imagination and emotional growth factors that are as essential to long-term achievement as education.

Can be stressful for students

Extra tasks given to children, especially younger school-going students, can lead to bad stress levels. If swamped at school as well as at home with endless lessons, students will experience anxiety and stress if they fail to complete the homework help on time. In a learning setting, the students need to understand, but they should still be able to spend time outside of the classroom learning other items.

Can be burden

The second explanation that who can do my homework? must not be assigned to students is that they need time to relax and take the minds off work at school. The students particularly those in preschool, are already tired of all the events in school when the students get home. They spent the day in school solving complex math problems, reading multiple chapters as well as memorizing long lines. So this will make them feel burned out by inundating them with homework.


Instead of enhancing educational success for study help, the performance of learners can be adversely impacted by high workload loads. School is the burden of trying to complete homework any other night that can impact the student’s performance. In the learning setting, students continue to learn things, however, they they need to be able in spending time exploring other interests outside of school, enjoying time with friends, going on family holidays.

Less important 

Although teachers do their utmost to offer homework to students that will engage their student, it is difficult to see the importance of the work that students take home. This is because the people performing these things are certain parents or tutors for research paper help. This suggests that the advantages of homework assignments are totally lacking as a learning aid. The unnecessary amount of homework can also mean that the child can not devote as much time as he can to any task.

Consume free times

Students need time to spend with their families, catch up with their friends as well as attend extracurricular events, as mentioned earlier, so they can refresh their bodies and minds. Unfortunately, homework takes up the time that kids have to do all these things. School work could also compete with both part-time as well as casual employment for older students, making it hard for them to find a balance between education and work.

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