I only wish I could really get stuff. I have like 3 pieces of Animal Crossing Bells furniture along with 30 recipes half which I don't have precursors recipes . I have been stuck using the same furniture for 6 months. I see folks with these wonderful layouts and I really don't get it. How can you get all that? It ends up just being bothersome to perform or just dull because I can not actually do any layouts.

Yeah I assess the beach and I keep getting cherry etc.. stuff and things I can't build. The nooks cranny does have 3 things but they're either horrible giant bears again or just like 150k and I can't afford that in a day. It seems to be the exact same 20 things that rotate. I've seen the knife rack and secure in a dozen times each in the previous couple of months.

I see people with like space topics and mad nice looking wood stuff or villager houses have themes and I have literally never seen some of those in the store.

The only things I've the prerequisites fulfilled to make would be the beginning things it is infuriating. I have gotten a couple of buy Animal Crossing Items Halloween items I suspect but not really valuable.