Agents from the Cabanas Rubies, Villanueva de los Castillo’s and Santa Bárbara de Casa Posts, belonging to the Huelva Civil Guard Command, have proceeded to arrest JGB, 42, a resident of Santa Bárbara; from FMG, 60 years old and resident of Cabanas Rubies; and RLB, 23 years old and resident of Villanueva de los Castillo’s; all of them as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health as they were responsible for three crops of Cannabis Sativa, a plant from which Marijuana is extracted, once its leaves are dried and chopped.

The extensive device, focused on the eradication of Marijuana crops, has resulted in the location of three plantations of this drug in the aforementioned locations.

In dispensary Santa Barbara de Casa, the agents found a plantation on a farm located in what is known as “Camino Cochiti”, where the owner had dug a meter and a half ditch to plant the Marijuana inside and thus prevent the considerable height that already had the plants betrayed their presence and could be seen from the outside of the plot. With this intention he had also placed some weights on the branches so that the plant did not grow too much. As a last concealment strategy, the detainee surrounded the plantation with some pear trees.

In Cabanas Rubies, the agents of this Unit, verified in a farm located in the place “Dos Hermanas”, the existence of two Cannabis plants. Once inside they discovered a large plantation of 20 large specimens that reached almost two meters in height. This crop had a sophisticated drip irrigation system and in a neighboring area there was a place specifically prepared for the drying of the leaves.

Finally, in Villanueva de los Castillo’s, and within the urban area, they proceeded to inspect a garden near the patio of a house, where the agents learned that its owner maintained a plantation of this drug. In the place they were found, inside a homemade greenhouse and hidden from view, a total of 14 plants, which were being helped to grow by an irrigation system and special fertilizers.