Any casual observer driving around New Zealand would be very surprised to learn that many farms in New Zealand utilize an efficient farm irrigation system to supplement the normal rainfall. It is a surprising revelation as the New Zealand landscape nearly always look so lush and irrigation solutions are not immediately apparent to the untrained eye.


Nature has a way of being unpredictable. Rain doesn’t irrigate our farms and gardens with any certainty so more innovative irrigation solutions are required. New Zealand farmers employ irrigation solutions and use irrigation products that enable farms to be productive all year round.

Through innovative technology and local know-how, Irrigation Equipment Supplier Hawkes Bay are able to help farmers find effective irrigation solutions to combat the fluctuations in climate and rainfall.



With careful planning, local irrigation equipment suppliers help increase yield and help find ways for NZ farmers to perform well throughout the entire calendar year. Having a reliable and predictable water source is essential in any farm setting in NZ. Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplier Hawkes Bay bring far more certainty and have transformed the landscape of New Zealand farming. Irrigation solutions help flatten out the seasonality that farmers have had to deal with over the years.


With any effective irrigation solution comes the need for water storage. Water storage is important for a number of reasons including supply, distribution and reliability. Local irrigation equipment suppliers work to find the solution that best fits clients’ needs and the NZ climate in specific localities.


There are varied, interesting applications around irrigation. Many farmers use irrigation to assist with agricultural and greenhouse production, crops and stock watering but there are other settings that have also benefited by some clever irrigation solutions in both large- and small-scale projects. Sports fields and golf courses are some commonly known commercial applications of larger irrigation systems while many small-scale irrigation systems have been embraced in domestic settings. While not always obvious, larger-scale irrigation systems can be found in many housing estates, carparks, parks, garden centres and public spaces in New Zealand.


It is interesting to note that domestic and commercial irrigation equipment in New Zealand has really evolved from farming irrigation solutions. The domestic and commercial irrigation sectors have observed the innovative solutions employed by farmers and found ways to adapt them to their own requirements.


Take the commercial setting of a shopping Centre for example. Green spaces have been shown to enhance the consumer experience in commercial settings. It is important for shopping centres to provide a lush, green space that shoppers feel comfortable in. However, that is not always easily achieved in a climate such as New Zealand. To combat this, commercial shopping centres employ local irrigation specialists to design and install an irrigation system to achieve a year-round solution.


Likewise, in domestic settings, consumers have embraced the technology and irrigation systems found in the farming sector by downsizing them to suit residential projects and combat climate fluctuations.  Irrigation systems for the lawn, garden and even water features are becoming more and more popular as New Zealand families embrace a domestic lifestyle. Domestic use of irrigation systems enhances the enjoyment of a lush green garden and homegrown produce and allows domestic households to grow what they want.


Of course, setting these systems up usually requires the use of professional irrigation equipment suppliers and the use of some high-quality irrigation products to insure they meet the needs of the New Zealand climate. This is where the team at Think Water comes in. Think Water has a number of stores in New Zealand. Their staff are very familiar with the local climate and the type of systems that work well in specific areas. This applies to farming, commercial and domestic settings alike.


In New Zealand Think Water stores can be found on both the North and the South Islands.

Some locations with links are listed here for your convenience: Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Cambridge, Canterbury, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu, Marlborough, Taranaki and more.


A visit to your local Think Water store is a great place to start when planning your next project. You will find the team knowledgeable and eager to please. It is also reassuring to know that they can help you with all stages of the project including ongoing service and maintenance.