Get the widest range pharma capsules drug medicines for various therapeutic segments. Pharma Drugs and Chemicals is amongst the best capsule manufacturing companies in India. We bring you sophisticated and fine drug solutions for soft gelatin capsules,empty gelatin capsule etc.  If you look for the best pharmaceuticals capsules manufacturer in India then our company is a reputed name.

Pharmaceutical capsules have a great demand when it comes to medicines. They are a dominating drug dosage amongst other forms with great benefits. Companies who look for quality and affordability can turn to top pharmaceuticals capsules manufacturer in India.

Our company has been in manufacturing for more than a decade. We are a well known Solan based Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Exporter, and Distributor. Quality manufacturing has been the byword of our company.  We have to offer quite a vast range of capsules for manufacturing meeting different demands of our strategic clients. Our units derive the best international standards laid by GMP, WHO, FDA etc. These all help us attain a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our products list comprising of the capsules medicines consists of various drugs and the combination of drugs.



We have utilized a good production space in bringing up qualitative, safe, effective and durable drugs. Our company constantly strategizes plans to meet different needs of clients that look forward to innovativeness and affordability at the same time.

Pharmaceutical capsules can be used in multiple drugs market in various forms of soft gels, hard-shell capsules, caplets, empty gelatin capsule etc. Pacific India Pharma aims at meeting those frequent demands by bringing you wide choices. We have tried covering different Therapeutic/ over the counter (OTC), nutraceuticals, Food supplement etc. Due to the wide diversity of usage of this drug dosage, we bring you a good choice list where you can choose to manufacture your drugs.

Our company ensures that high-quality material, active ingredients, and extracts will be used in the making according to the best quality standards. PCD Pharma Drugs and Chemicals which is known as the Top Capsules Manufacturer in India. Contact us today for PCD- +91-9216767741. We provides high-quality WHO-GMP ISO standards Capsules at an affordable price.





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