Outdoor space to any property is incredibly important and luckily there are an unlimited amount of modern garden design is to suit every person and every property. But there are certainly some features that every outdoor garden design must have small touches that must be included and design ideas that are not to be missed.

Firstly we highly recommend that you include a seating area and we are not talking about your average patio and park bench. Think more along the lines of contemporary seating designs that can be integrated into the garden design itself. Imagine a low retainer wall that is built to a perfect seat height and capped off with smooth stone, slate or even made to measure cushions. These types of seating designs work perfectly in a corner as it creates a permanent seating and social feature.

Secondly it is imperative that you think about lighting. These could be electrically or solar powered, they could light up certain features within the outdoor garden design or illuminate entire area is enabling you to socialize outside long after the sun has set. Think about the different moods you can create with effective lighting and even consider the colors of your lights.



Instead think about having raised or lowered sections, lawns, walkways and planting areas. An idea might be to have raised decking walkway that leads you through a garden in an elevated position. Another idea might be to have several steps or terraces that lead and focus your eye to a raised and central location.

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