Spider veins cause damaged veins or burst blood vessels. There are rare chances that they can cause you pain. Spider veins are small damaged veins that may appear on the surface of the legs or face. Usually, these veins are blue, purple, or red-colored and appear in the form of thin lines. If you want to remove them for cosmetic reasons there are a variety of treatments that can help to improve the appearance or have the process of spider vein removal altogether. 



What causes spider veins?

Some of the factors that increase the risk of developing spider veins may include: 




According to the experts, ninety percent of people are suffering from the problem as they have a family history of them.


Due to pregnancy: 


When a woman is pregnant there is an increased amount of blood moving through the body. Also, they put extra weight as they are carrying a fetus inside them which places more pressure on leg veins that cause spider veins on legs. It might be possible they disappear after pregnancy or they can be permanent.


Old Age: 


The valves in veins become weaker with the passage of time. The calf muscles support the veins in the legs and let them pump blood upward. But when a person is old, muscles lose their strength to function properly.   






If you have extra body weight, it can add extra pressure on the leg veins that is also a major cause of developing spider veins. 

Hormonal Changes:


Hormonal treatments for menopause plays a major role in developing the spider veins as estrogen weakens vein valves.


If you are having the same body posture for long periods:


If a person remains in the same position for several hours, the leg veins have to work harder to pump blood to the heart that can damage the valves and make them unable to function properly.


Exposure to the sun:


If you have too much fieldwork and you have to be outside most of the time, the ultraviolet light from the sun may damage your skin and cause spider veins, especially on the face.


How to get rid of spider veins?

Spider veins are flat and thin lines that may slightly be raised. Although they are painless, sometimes cause little discomfort.


Spider Vein Treatment Near Me provides you multiple treatment options to cure spider veins. 


Compression stockings or socks


Professional can suggest Compression stockings as they put pressure on the veins in the lower legs. The pressure can improve blood flow and prevent the formation of spider veins. They also help to get relieved from the leg swelling problem and there is no risk of formation of blood clots.  


There are many options of Compression stockings available, you can choose the right one. Options of Compression stockings may include Support pantyhose, Gradient compression stockings, Prescription compression stockings, each of them is available in many stores and helps to remove spider veins.

Also, you can go through the Sclerotherapy and closure system that includes injecting solutions directed to the affected vein to make the blood flow regular.

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