Responsive web design involves designing a website with text, layout, pictures, and other elements. Earlier organizations are used to develop separate “desktop” and “mobile” versions of websites. The ultimate goal of building responsive websites is to avoid unnecessary scrolling, resizing, panning, or zooming. Equip your skills in web development via Web Designing course in Chennai. Learning web designing will enhance your skills more in the development process. With the increasing usage of Tablet sales and smartphones, it is necessary to have a perfect website to get more traffic.

Here are the reasons that why a responsive website is mandatory

  • Responsive website improve seo rankings

As per Google's latest update, responsive websites are performing better in search engine rankings. It provides a great user experience. Google likes responsive sites more. Develop your website with more responsiveness. 

  • Increase in Mobile Usage

More than 70% of Indian adults are using smartphones and almost 80% of website traffic is from mobile devices. According to the IDC report, mobile usage continues to grow. Smartphone users are increasing day by day and they visit your site via mobile. If your website is poor, they will shift to the next option. Enroll in Web Designing course Online to become an expert in web development. 

  • Social Media increases visitors

Over 80% of the social media consumption happens through mobile. Sharing links via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, etc., helps to increase your website traffic.

  • Online shopping Growing steadily

Online shopping is easy for all. Almost 90% of the people are purchasing online using mobile phones during holidays. If your products and services are easy to view on mobile, it gives more advantage to reach more.

  • Responsive web design adapts to all device

Responsive web design helps to reach more customers shortly. Build your site with a more responsive Web Designing course in Bangalore helps people to build websites with amazing features. 

Mobile Phones and Desktop have separate Google Search Algorithms. If you think SEO is important, then build your site with more responsiveness. 

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