During his conference for the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CAPATEC), special guest engineer Eduardo E. Jaén explained that Panama counts with key and necessary factors to become the "Technological Innovation Hub" in Latin America in the coming years, and noted "despite these advantages, we need to work in a joint manner with the ICT Sector, Public Sector and Universities to identify opportunity niches and train our human resource".


Mr. Jaén stated that one of the pillars of the strategy is to give more voice to domestic companies in ICT projects being implemented by the government and stressed "we have already taken positive steps in this direction."


"The pillars of the development strategy of Panama, the Logistics Hub, the Financial Services Hub and Tourism Hub, provide specific opportunities for the development of a native ICT industry, which could initially serve these sectors and, based on these experiences, become export companies of ICT applications and solutions to other markets, "said Jaén.

Eduardo Jaen Panama


As part of the event, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place between CAPATEC and strategic partners of the institution, including the City of Knowledge Foundation, to promote the development of the Strategy: Panama HiTIC2018, which aims to unite efforts to position Panama at the top 20 countries regarding the use and innovation in Information and Communication Technologies by 2018.

Eduardo Jaen Roy