It's been the most arisen question and most highly debated one. The talks between Vedic astrology and western astrology have been going on for decades. There is an almost equal number of groups, as well as individuals like experts or astrologers themselves siding one form of astrology over the other, Learn Vedic Astrology. Certainly, both are two forms of astrology that build upon the same basis like improvement of an individual’s issues, business, and overall life. Both versions use planets, an individual’s birth date, and related information, birth time to identify the aspects influencing the individual’s life. However, the Vedic Astrologer is indeed more preferred among individuals than western astrologers or Greek astrology. This can be due to many noticeable differences in the origin of the Vedic astrology, different notions of faith across western and eastern culture, and the number of individuals who are ready to Learn Astrology believe in this form of traditional science subject. We have to consider and go through certain points, differences regarding their origin concepts, etc to identifying the right subject to pursue.