Does Cisco have any certification to learn wireless technology? Let's take a simple analysis of this problem, and take a look at the certification of Cisco Wireless direction and how to choose it. 

Due to the advantages of easy operation, low actual cost and wide application range, wireless technology has become the future of network technology, so that many people begin to learn wireless technology, expect to pass Cisco certification and join the wave of future network development. 

So, what certification does Cisco have when it comes to wireless technology? Which should we learn? 

Three kinds of Cisco Wireless Authentication 
Cisco authentication are CCNA, CCNP and CCIE (CCNA refers to Cisco Certified Network Assistant Engineer, CCNP refers to Cisco Certified Network Engineer, CCIE refers to Cisco Certified Internet expert). ccna exams questions Among the three Cisco authentication directions, there are wireless directions, namely: 

1, CCNA wireless authentication 
through Cisco CCNA wireless authentication After obtaining the certificate, it can be proved that the holder can set up, monitor and debug the basic wireless network. At the same time, CNNA Wireless Certification is valid for three years and needs to be re certified after expiration. 

2. CCNP Wireless Certification 
CCNP Wireless Certification focuses on the principle and theory. After passing Cisco certification, the holder can evaluate the requirements of all kinds of network commerce and further transform the theory into wireless technologySection, and can be installed and deployed to the enterprise. Similarly, CCNP Wireless Certification is valid for three years. 

3. CCIE Wireless Certification 
when CCIE Wireless Certification is qualified, it can be considered that the holder of the certification has expert level wireless network technology knowledge, can * make key decisions, and can expand the enterprise LAN. However, different from the above two kinds of wireless certification, the written test of CCIE Wireless Certification is valid for 18 months. 

Which wireless certification is better? 
CCNA and CCNP Wireless Certification are relatively simple, and they are relatively basic knowledge. Generally speaking, they can pass by reciting questions, but CCIE Wireless Certification is different, and the difficulty is higher. However, the gold content of CCIE Wireless Certification is more recognized by the society. 
In addition, if you want to test for CCNP Wireless Certification, you need to test for CCNA first. The combined tuition of the two is much more expensive than the direct test for CCIE. 

Generally speaking, the CCIE Wireless Certification is more cost-effective and practical than the other two. Therefore, it is suggested that if you want to learn wireless technology, it is better to apply for CCIE wireless direction.

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