With process automation, you will discover often a lot of kinks or mistakes which can be challenging to anticipate. There are always certain to be glitches when the software is in the development process, but there are also usually errors involved which may be more difficult to catch. If you utilize automation tools, however, these will unquestionably be a lot easier to establish and fix, and that is surely a fantastic thing. With automation tools, the whole testing process is simply a lot quicker than it could be if you had to test all of the software manually, and that is one of the best benefits. Providing you with more hours to pay attention to other tasks that should be handled, you'll not have to spend nearly as much time with testing your software. Automation tools will aid you to do your job in a much more productive manner, and anyone who has used automation tools previously can plainly confirm this if you just inquire further about their experience.

The industrial automation is the use of control, in concert with other applications of information technology, to control industrial machinery and processes, reducing the need for human intervention. Sound confusing? Automation is really just what it sounds like. Automating a process so that it requires minimal human interaction and industrial automation is a large and complex industry. EMC has been the sole New Zealand representative for Endress+Hauser for over 45 years. Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. They provide process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperature, recording and digital communications, optimising processes in terms of economic efficiency, safety and environmental impact. Our long relationship with E+H has ensured our customers have received the best ongoing support and reliable continuity of supply for several decades.

EMC Industrial Group Ltd knows that liquid analysis technology is a technology that is used in laboratories in order to blend, mix, sample and combine liquids. Endress+Hauser analytical measuring systems are available for all common parameters and can be found anywhere customers require reliable measured values, high availability and long operating times. Applications include ensuring product quality, environmental protection, safety applications, process optimisation, and more.  Water panels are the perfect solution wherever direct process installation of measuring instruments is difficult or not desired. They are equipped with digital Memosens technology providing all necessary measuring signals for process control and diagnostics. A variety of available sample preparations and parameters allow perfect customization to all of your processes. All panels are easy to install, to commission, and to operate and can be combined as desired thanks to their modular design.