Protect Your Brand Name

Trademark Registration For Your Business

Want to make a brand name like Paytm, Flipkart? Of course, then you are about to take the first step. Trademark registration is not just a license but an urgent need in the daily life of a business. If you can't protect your product you will be out of business soon. Imagine if Paytm lost its product today? it will be the company's fault. This is because it is not a company name but an important product name. Just look around you, you will find that you are surrounded by brands like McDonald's, Pizzahut, Dominos, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


So, if you want to start your own business or are already running a business, then sign up for a trademark and protect your product. Product protection is very easy and the whole process only takes a day. If you want to protect your product today just send us an email with your requirement and our sales team will guide you accordingly. Payment will be made online via a secure payment gateway and all documents can be sent online via email. Trademark installation will be completed in a day and you will be able to use TM in just three days. Therefore, it is as easy as possible with


In addition, once a trademark is installed, the next thing you should do is track your app online. This is because the trademark registration process takes about 9 to 16 months and therefore, it is recommended that you carefully monitor the status of the trademark application otherwise the app may be discarded due to a non-timely response to the trademark department.

What all you can register a trademark?

Did you know that you can also mark a sound trademark? Yes, although most people are a trademark of the company. But in reality, the trademark can be in a variety of forms such as the sound of Paytm Karo, the red color of coke a cola, the famous airtel ringtone, etc. Therefore, the man should protect all his intellectual property in every way. Here are the different types of trading described


Pantene is a shampoo product and can be branded.



Have you ever seen the shape of a beer bottle? It can also be a trademark.



Snapdeal, Flipkart are all examples of companies designed for the service



Remember the popular airtel ringtone, and it's a trademark

Pantene is a shampoo product and can be branded.



Have you ever seen the shape of a beer bottle? It can also be a trademark.



Snapdeal, Flipkart are all examples of companies designed for this service


Sounds good

Remember the popular airtel ringtone, and it's a trademark

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Application Form TM


This form is sent to us by our team and you just need to fill out the same and send it online

Power of attorney


Power of attorney is a document in which one authorizes another person to install a TM

Announcement of TM use


You need to provide an announcement to use TM


Other Scriptures

Sometimes other doctors are needed as MSMEs.

Looking for a trademark

Trademark search is one of the most important aspects of branding. Commercial search allows you to submit trademark registrations appropriately and efficiently. But it is not easy to search for a brand as the search process involves many filters and therefore, there are many steps involved. All the necessary steps for the registration of a trademark are listed in the following steps;



Visit the Public Search

Once the full list has been prepared, the next step is to write a public trademark on google and visit the required page.


Select the appropriate category

After visiting the website, click on the Trademark Classes link and appropriately complete the trademark section against each proposed tag.


Search for a trademark

Once the category and proposed mark have been completed, the next step is to enter the details of the public search trademark.


Check all filters

After the standard trademark search is done, the next step is to look at all filters such as Phonetic Search, Featured Search, etc.


Analyze results

Analyze all the results of a search query and see if there is a chance to get a trademark registration for your proposed marks


Trademark Opposition

In about 90% of cases, the trademark is challenged by the department's office. In addition, you must ensure that trademark objection are cleared otherwise the trademark will be rejected. In simple terms, there can be only two consequences after a trademark objection

Advertised and Accepted

If your response is accepted the trademark is accepted and advertised. Now, the next step will be to list your brand in a trademark magazine.


If the trademark is not opposed by any third party, the trademark is accepted and the application process is completed.


There are many cases where the trademark department has rejected the application and your protection remains invalid. This happens in two cases; either when you failed to submit an answer or failed to satisfy the officer with a response.


Therefore, it is important to enter the TM response correctly.