Used cranes are usually the least thought of as an option while purchasing a crane would be an expensive option here. Is it cheap? It might though sound like a cheaper option. The following are a few of the questions that you will have to consider while going ahead with a used crane for sale in Australia:

Are the manufacturers in business?

In the crane industry, there have been several consolidations, bankruptcies, as well as closures. Are the parts for the crane available for you? When it comes to the older cranes, they have a built-in design that will be allowing you to purchase several parts off the shelf due to them meeting the industry standard components since many of them are robust too. For the motors, bearings, contractors, as well as the coupling is where it applies to.

There are several other components that are made specifically for the manufacturer of the crane that does not use the standard components. For making the retro-fit parts fit in the correct manner, you will have to make the necessary modifications. A motor shaft, contactors, electrification systems that might or may not be available is what is required by several crane manufacturers.

What are your liabilities?

When you are buying a crane or making any modifications, you need to understand your liabilities. Once you are modifying the crane, the liability of the manufacturer is completely relieved. There is some type of re-span that would need some major mechanical modifications when it comes to most of the cranes here.

What is the capacity of the crane?

You have to consider the costs of getting a good deal on a higher than required capacity as bigger is always the better in terms of the crane applications. You should also consider the additional costs that are associated with it. The crane will need a larger runway and footings in order to support a dead load of just the crane since they are quite heavy. It will also be larger and more expensive if you are making changes or upgrades to the electrical systems that include the frequency drives for those components there.

Is the crane matching the existing electrical supply?

There are several stories that are associated with the customers buying the older cranes and then finding out the issues with the DC or the wrong voltages. You then step up or step down the transformers by facing expensive motor changes. You should also make sure that the electrical delivery system remains up to date. The electrical of an old crane is quite expensive to repair or to replace.

What is the peace of mind associated with the warranty?

There are no warranties that are carried by the older used cranes. The new ones usually come along with 1-year parts and labour along with the additional year on the parts for every non-wear items for most of the reasons. To make sure that you can order the parts from the manufacturer, you can also get the up to date parts manuals.