If you have downloaded McAfee Total Protection via mcafee.com/activate and now you are having trouble opening it or the software fails to load whenever you try to launch it, then there could be some serious problems with it. In case you are also facing the same issue with your McAfee product, then you may try the troubleshooting ways listed in this article.

Since we know that behind every issue there is a problem-causing agent, the same is the case with McAfee Total Protection errors. The probable reasons why you are facing these issues are listed in the next section.

Why does McAfee software fail to open?

When you tap on the McAfee icon to open the desired McAfee software, what you see is that you were not able to open it. So, here are the possible reasons why you can't open McAfee Total Protection on your device:

  • Most probably, your device is infected with a virus or has been attacked by a malware
  • Besides that, there could be the presence of damaged or corrupt files on your device that are restricting certain programs to open and run

Now that we know what could be causing this issue to take place on our devices, let us have a glance at how we can fix this issue as soon as possible. Else, the only option you will be left with is to uninstall and reinstall the software via mcafee.com/activate.

Ways to fix the issue

  • Remove damaged or corrupt files

Most of the issues on a device are caused by damaged or corrupt files that are present in your device. Although you might not always know where these files are located and what those files are, you have to find out and remove them as quickly as possible. Before you move on to remove those files, you must save the current work you are doing. As soon as you remove them, you are recommended to restart your device to save the marked changes.

  • Get rid of viruses and malware

Since your antivirus software is not working, it is even harder to get rid of the present viruses. Therefore, you must download and run software like Stinger. This software would definitely help you in this situation.


In short, we can say that any device can get a virus even if it is protected from antivirus and causes trouble with your device. But, the real struggle is choosing an antivirus that helps you in different troublesome situations. You always have the choice to choose your desired product from the mcafee.com/activate website.