The raging pandemic has changed our world, our outlook and our ways of working. We, as a race, have become excruciatingly cautious in figuring out those unseen germs and viruses. But, how is that bad for us? Unless we have started using more chemicals. And what about our utensils at home? Is an ordinary dishwasher good enough to give our loved ones the protection they deserve? Let’s discuss why switching to a natural dish washing sanitizer today looks like the most logical upgrade for keeping our utensils 100% safe and absolutely virus free. 

5 reasons for switching to a natural dishwashing sanitizer today:

1) Effectively disinfects utensils: Today, advancement in technology has given us capabilities to create innovative herbal concoctions like never before. We have become far more resourceful and effective in blending the best of nature with that of modern chemistry. A natural dishwashing sanitizer, therefore, works as powerfully and effectively in removing dirt, oils and impurities from utensils as any other chemical-based dishwasher. And not just that, it can also effectively remove harmful viruses and germs with equal efficacy.

2) Stomach-friendly: Ordinary dishwashing soaps or gels can be extremely harmful to the stomach if accidentally consumed. Being high in toxins like Chlorine and artificial fragrances you need to be extra cautious in washing away their residues once the oils and grease are removed. Haven’t we frequently noticed white powder-like residues accumulating over our utensils after they are washed? Ignoring this can prove deadly, especially if you have a baby or a patient at home. Using a chlorine-free natural dish washing sanitizer, therefore, becomes absolutely necessary to avoid many stomach-related problems/ infections.

3) Kid-safe and cruelty-free: A natural dishwashing sanitizer is always safest for kids and patients at home as their immune systems are highly susceptible and sensitive. Made up of herbs and healthy extracts they do not cause any additional health complications like soaps and detergents do. Also, being naturally concocted, they come as cruelty-free, i.e. as untested on animals or devoid of any animal parts.  

4) Eco-friendly: Washing anything with chemical-based soaps and detergents always leaves behind chemical wastes that are extremely toxic for the environment and ecosystem. For example, methylchloroisothiazolinone, chlorine, and sodium polyacrylate are a few commonly found harmful ingredients in regular dishwashing soaps and gels that pollute water and damage aquatic life. If we switch over to a natural dishwashing sanitizer we can start avoiding this.

5) Skin-friendly: Have you witnessed itching and roughness in your hands after you have washed dishes with ordinary soap or a chemical-based dishwashing liquid? It happens because of a harmful chemical called methylchloroisothiazolinone, which leads to dryness and other skin-related problems. A natural dishwashing sanitizer doesn't contain such harmful chemicals and also maintains your skin’s pH value, making it a skin-friendly option for washing utensils.

Which natural dishwashing sanitizer to use?

Based on user reviews, Indus Valley’s San’tize Dish Washing Sanitizer comes out as a clear winner amongst its competing brands. Indus Valley’s herbal products are sold in more than 25 countries across the world and have gained a sufficient user base to boast of. It is a well-known organic beauty brand that believes in natural goodness and care. 

Available in two natural fragrances of Neem and Lemon, their natural dishwashing sanitizer is made up of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem, Calendula, Mint and Tulsi extracts blended with powerful organic sanitizing agents. You can buy it online from their website at a compelling price. 

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