You don’t require spending thousands of dollars on buying equipment to stream games. If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably have a computer to run the software, which is easy. The hardest thing is to make your stream look and sound good. The post briefs the six things you must do if you’re a brand-new streamer. To succeed on Twitch and other social media, especially on Twitch, these are required.  The post is not for people who are just streaming for fun. The post is for people who are looking for success on Twitch. And that success might look different for you than for someone else. You might be becoming the top streamer, or maybe that success means making extra money on the side doing something you want and already enjoying whatever you are creating.

Both goals are outstanding, but if your goal is to play with a big streamer like Ninja, it’s good for you that goal is achievable. It will only take a lot of work.  YouTube video, Vine, and Instagram are hugely different in terms of their content, but the formula for success is very much the same.

Social media’s success takes time and takes patience and creativity amongst a handful of other things. It doesn’t require you to be excellent. If you apply this booming social media formula to whatever platform you’re looking for and you can mold it around who you are as a person, you can find success.  

Anyone can find success on Twitch. The post briefs you on the six most important things that you need to start streaming. And the post is not among those where you need a mic, a camera, or a fancy PC. You probably can do all six things without spending a dollar. It also isn’t going to be one of those “you need to figure out why you started streaming”. 

After you successfully set up everything and start getting a small audience or viewers on your stream, the second part comes. To make your stream look popular within your audience so that you can attract many people within a short time frame, you can take a small help from a website selling Twitch live viewers. It will cost you a bit, but I think investing will be worth trying.

Anyone who asks that question open-ended isn’t trying to help you, and they’re just trying to look smart. You exactly know why you started streaming, you like video games, and you want to make money while playing. There is nothing wrong with that being a reason to start streaming.

While some of these tips are direct and some of them require a little more thought. Everything in this list is helpful, especially the last three. These tips are as follow:

1. Get a Camera:

This is one of the first and only pieces of equipment on this list because it is essential. There are a million pieces of equipment you’ll need to buy as a streamer, but none of them is vital for any streamers to start except for the camera. All the other equipment can wait from a mic to a fancy PC, which doesn’t matter.

If you want to stream, then you need to get a camera. Your twitch stream is made up of two things, your gameplay and you. How do you want to balance the importance of those things? It’s entirely up to you and what you decide to turn your stream into.              

You must have both of those things. If you’re not in the stream, this is nothing more than gameplay footage that someone’s watching on YouTube for five hours, and nobody watches gameplay footage for five hours. So, you need to be in your stream.

If you can’t pick up a Logitech c920 for 50 bucks, you need to find another camera.  You can grab your laptop and prop it up and use that as your webcam. It doesn’t matter; you need to get a camera on your stream.

2. Set up Your Room:

After you have a camera, then you need to set up the room. No one wants to see a messy bedroom behind you with a mattress on the floor. Your living space is an opportunity for you to show what you’re about, who you’re. Make yourself attractive. Make yourself someone that people will ask questions about.

To make yourself interesting, put posters on the wall, set up your hobbies behind you. Do something that makes you seem more like an exciting person. If you’re streaming in a closet and don’t have that opportunity, you need to set up a green screen.

You need to grab a green sheet from Walmart and tack it up to your wall. You can do some amazing stuff with a blue and green screen but setting up your gaming room is more important than getting a fancy overlay.

There are many partnered streamers with thousands of viewers. They have either stock of overlay from stream elements or even no overlay at all.

3. Learn How OBS Works:

Try to learn how OBS works and make it familiarize yourself with the software. Once you know how the software works, you’ll change things to match them to your personality. Ninja has a ten-minute tutorial on the basics of OBS. You need to experiment with the software and find out what you can do.

4. Figure out Why People Should Watch You:

You need to figure out why people are going to watch you. There are over three million individual broadcasters on Twitch, and you’re smaller than one in a million. First, you need to figure out what you can bring to viewers that nobody else can. It sounds overwhelming, but you should look back in your life and have at least one friend in your life, and this friend chose to be your friend instead of anybody else’s friend.

You will have something that can draw people. You need to take some time and reflect on yourself, what makes you unique, your strengths and passions, and how you can apply those things into your stream. You need to figure out your brand and build the rest of your stream around that brand.

5. How to Reach New Viewers:

After figuring out your brand, how can you reach your new viewers? It doesn’t matter what game you play. When you’re starting new, you’ll be at the bottom of the list of a thousand people playing the same game you’re playing.

People will never scroll down, and it doesn’t happen. Think that you can turn on the stream, grind it out and eventually grow. It won’t work that way either. There are different ideas for growth all over the place. If you’re an incredible gamer or have a huge personality and incredible moments happen on stream, you need to clip them and download the video from the clip and tweet it out.

There is a lot of streamers that grow extremely fast because they had a clip go viral. Or you may do exciting things in real life, or you’re great at video production. You can start a YouTube channel.  You need to sit down and make a plan to reach as many people as possible and link back to your stream.

6. Never Give-Up:

You are prepared to take everything you’ve planned so far and thrown it in the garbage. There are chances that your first idea to grow isn’t going to be the jackpot.  You need to write up an outline of everything, make a play and go for three months and see what happens.

If nothing changes, you need to trash it and make a new plan.

You can also make some significant adjustments. This is a big part of that success formula on social media. You need to put something an honest effort, and if it doesn’t work, you need to change something.

If something doesn’t seem fitting, you should not push harder, and you shouldn’t force it. If it’s not fitting, it’s probably not fitting for a reason. There are YouTube bloggers that have blogged every day for two years, and their 700th video gets the same number of views as their first video because they look the same. You should not be that person.

It would be best if you are willing to reflect on yourself and evolve. Eventually, one of your ideas will work.               

Take Away:

If you don’t know who you are as a stream, you’re just wasting your time by creating unfocused content. And if you are noticeably clear of your goal and purpose, you’ll spend much of your time creating original and good content. This way, you can lead you to the path of growth and success.