Gifts are a sign of love. You send gifts to someone we love or care about the most. When it comes to buying a gift for a baby, you should keep mental growth in mind. It is fact, baby's interests change with age. Similarly, different ages and groups of babies like different things to play to spend time with. For example, a baby girl will be happy with a doll, and a baby boy may show interest in cars. To help you buy a suitable gift, we will provide some ideas for buying a baby gift NZ.

Toy Vehicles

Toy vehicles are an ideal gift for a baby. Almost all age groups want a toy vehicle to play with. These toys are made up of 100% recycled plastic and are safe to play with because these toys do not include any harmful elements like PVC, phthalates, or BPA. Toy vehicles are strong, long-lasting, and equally liked by both parents and babies.

Big Car

The big car is the most gifted item all over the world. It is a durable toy and will be used for years to come. Baby girls also like it but in colors like pink or blue. It is a good gift for babies to learn different aspects of a car. In the latest models, it is available with a remote controller for parents. It is an expensive gift but a favorite among kids.

Shape sorting Toys

A one-year baby starts learning things quickly. Baby's hand-eye coordination is improving day by day and can distinguish between shapes and colors. Shape sorting toys are very charming and beneficial for their mental health, especially for kids from one year to three years. These toys are available in different shapes to choose from.

Toy Phone

A toy phone for a baby is a very suitable choice for a baby gift. By gifting it, you can save your smartphone from the wrath of children. A one-year baby can learn from its surroundings. When a baby watches you using your mobile phone, he also wants to use it as you do. If you hand them over your expensive mobile phone they can damage it. So, it is better to gift them a toy phone.

Rocking Toys

Rocking animal toys are another good choice for a baby gift. The rocking horse has its fan base. But now, rocking toys are available with other animals such as a rat, a zebra, dinosaurs, and many others. These types of toys will make your baby happy and keep him busy. These toys are available in different materials and quality. In the latest models, these toys come with the sound of that animal. So choose your favorite animal toy to gift to the baby.

Baby buds NZ

Baby buds are the leading toy manufacturers in New Zealand. They are offering a lot of options of baby gift NZ. Baby buds are in the business for almost 15 years. They have a wide range of baby gift NZ. The best thing is, the company is offering home delivery all over New Zealand. They can deliver your shopping on the same day if you book it before noon.