What is a tooth abscess?


An abscessed tooth is a sac of pus that is accumulated in or around the tooth. It can lead to a bacterial infection and reach different parts of a tooth causing tooth loss. So, it is essential to drain out pus from the affected area of the tooth as it can cause severe pain spreading to your ear or neck. To get recovered from such an abscess, you should have a Walk-in Dentist Near me.


What are tooth abscess symptoms?


When you feel a throbbing pain in the tooth or arises a severe pain on touching the affected area of the tooth and there is a release of foul-tasting pus into the mouth, it indicates dental abscess symptoms. In addition, you can feel pain while you are biting or chewing the food. If the infection has been spread, you may find your face swollen and you can suffer from fever. If you notice that you have an infected tooth, you should consult DDS near me.

How to Diagnose?


When you will go to a dentist office near me, he/she will examine your tooth along with the neighboring area in the following steps:  


Touch on your teeth:


The dentist will put gentle pressure on your tooth to find out if it is sensitive to touch or pressure.


Advise an X-ray :


The dentist may recommend an X-ray to detect an abscess. Also, an X-ray will determine the length of the infected area.  


Prescribe a CT scan:


If the infection has expanded to other parts within the neck, a CT scan can help identify the extent of the infection.


Treatment Procedure:


Mainly the focus of the treatment to eliminate the infection. To get done this job efficiently, your dentist may:


Drain the abscess: 


The dentist will make a small incision into the abscess to drain out the pus and then wash the affected area with saltwater. Usually, a small rubber drain is placed to keep the abscess open for the drainage process after swelling decreases.


Perform a root canal: 


This procedure removes the infection and saves your tooth. To perform this procedure, your dentist will make a hole inside your tooth’s pulp chamber and the root canals.  Then, he/she will cap it with a crown to make it stronger. This treatment can stay longer if it has cared for properly.  


Remove the affected tooth: 


Your dentist may extract the affected tooth if the infection is so severe that it is impossible to save.


Suggest  antibiotics:


If the infection is restricted to the affected area, you won’t require antibiotics. But infection has expanded to the neighboring area of the affected teeth such as your jaw or other areas. Your dentist will recommend antibiotics to prevent it from spreading further.



If you are experiencing symptoms of a tooth abscess, you should make an appointment with your dentist immediately before the infection spreads further.   Once the infection spreads in other parts, you will have to go through a tooth extraction procedure and have to lose your natural tooth.


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