Talk to Ajiat. He inquire whether he has a quest for you, and rs3 gold he'll say there is a dungeon situated north of Burthope. He wants you to go in there and see what you may find. Proceed north of Burthope. Enter it. Look a little past the entry and you will notice a Thunder Key. Pick it up and run beyond the lvl 24 Skeletons and Zombies until you find an NPC called Narkala. Speak with him. He'll say it's extremely dangerous further down and he will provide you a Demon Shield. Equip it, and you see it dose not offer any defences, but it protects from demons. Narkala wishes you luck. Proceed through the northen door.

You'll be in a room with 4 greater demons. Kill them off and a steel sword (m) will look. Take it and use it together with the slot into the north. You may hear a clunk. Proceed through the next door. Today you will be in an area with a level 120 Aquados. Here's the method for killing it:

Aquados does not breathe fire, do you really do not need the anti-dragon shield. You would like armour here, as Aquados can reach well over 20 with melee. Luckily, he is weak to magic attacks. You want mystic armour and a air personnel. You may hide behind the stones and mage him. He is quite easy to beat.

After he's dead, he will drop an Aqua Scale. Pick up this and equip it. Subsequently an Aquados Spirit (lvl 700) may look. Talk to it and he states he was beat fairly. He will dissapear and a chest will appear. Use the Thunder Key together with the chest and search it. You will be teleported out. You will still have the Aqua Scale, but now you have a Thunder Seed as well. Speak to Ajiat again. He will turn the seed to the Sword of Thunder.

Razorlike stated to stop making pursuit ideas, but it is not the end of the world when I create another, okay? Quests: Heroes Quest. Start Point: Talk into the Armor Seller in the Ranging Guild. Talk to the Armor Salesman from the Ranging Guild. He says its not really a quest, but he would like you to buy OSRS gold visit the Archer Tower, located slightly west of Yanille. He will give you an invitation.