If you are an online business owner, you are most likely to own a website too. Website is a crucial aspect that drives in quality leads and sales eventually, increasing your overall revenue. People everywhere across the globe do research and compare products online before making purchases. They do not mind navigating websites that offer them desirable products and services.

In a scenario as such, a website that isn’t up to date can drive away from the optimum results. Many websites lose valuable traffic and conversions because they have been working with an outdated website. It is because no one wants to stay on a website that’s outdated or doesn’t give a satisfactory user experience. The digital marketing experts suggest that a website redesign can contribute to maximizing your online business growth. It can influence the changes in customer behavior in your favor.

With Google launching new updates to improve user experience in the coming months, chances are website redesign is playing a major role in 2021. Let’s discover why website redesign is playing a major role in 2021.

What is Website Redesigning?

Website redesigning, as understood from the name itself, refers to the process of rebuilding a website. While revamping their websites, online business owners usually go for complete website redesign intending to rebuild every aspect of the website.

Much like ordinary renovation of personal or workspace, people renovate their websites too. Redesigning a website improves its look, functionalities, and user-experience. It can be used as a way to add new features to the website to optimize ROI. If you are not into revamping the complete website, you can choose to redesign it partially. Partial redesigning alters only the front and backend components of the website.

Benefits of Website Redesigning in 2021

Savvy business owners often wonder if website redesigning is worth it. They desire to evaluate their benefits before investing additional capital in redesigning. Here are a few benefits that justify why website redesigning can be crucial in 2021.

  1. Improve Brand ImageImproved Rankings in the Search Results
  2. Smooth Flow of Information
  3. Incoming of Quality Leads and Sales
  4. Reduced Investment and Increased ROI
  5. Improved On-Page User Experience
  6. Flexible Content Management System

Reasons Why Your Website Needs Redesigning/Revamping

It may sound astounding but up to 48% of visitors decide the credibility of the website on its design. The look and feel of your website are vital aspects of driving in and away from quality leads and backlinks. Know why your website needs redesigning in 2021 with SEO Digital Gurus. At your resort, we have compiled nine prominent reasons for website redesigning.

  1. Non-responsiveness
  2. Changing industry, trend, and demand
  3. Slow site speed
  4. Overly complicated structure
  5. Poor on-page user experience
  6. Poor SEO performance
  7. Outdated design
  8. Bad conversion rates
  9. New features and functionalities

How to Know if Your Website Needs Redesigning? / How often should one redesign a website?

That’s a big sensible question.

The frequency of website redesigning has always been an issue worth pondering. Online business owners do not know how often they need to redesign their website. On average, you must consider revamping your website once every 2-5years. You will have to evaluate the website now and then to see if it needs to undergo some serious changes.

However, there is no fixed frequency. Chances are that your website might need some serious changes if it is not performing up to the mark. If your website has been performing below the normal for quite some time, it may be time for you to redesign the same. Dropping performance and low SERP rankings can be a signal to redesign the website too.

You might have to redesign your website depending on the changes in the relevant industry or trends too. It may depend on the look and feel of your website.

The changes in the audiences and technology determine the need to redesign the website.

Mistakes to Avoid While Redesigning Website in 2021

Mistakes to Avoid While Redesigning Website

A website is an indispensable part of your business. It is the face and identity of your business. Because web technology continues to change and upgrade for the better, online business owners need to invest in the website redesigning quite often. Gone are days when a website designed a decade ago would still top the search rankings.

To perform well websites must be evaluated to check for errors and issues. They must thereafter, be corrected by revamping. However, website redesigning isn’t as easy a process as it sounds. It can at times, get quite tricky. To make the best out of your investment in redesigning, make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Do not set a re-launch date beforehand
  • Do not forget to analyze previous version analytics and feedbacks
  • Ensure that the website is responsive on all devices
  • Design a functional and mobile-friendly website
  • Optimization for leads generations
  • Decide your budget
  • Choose a simplified design

An optimized, easy to navigate website is what you must aspire to achieve as an online business owner. It is no new fact that the internet is the future of the world. You must work on scoring a significant place in the online market especially when it is the market mainstay.

Website redesigning can play a crucial step to take in 2021. It can help you achieve more than just increased organic traffic. It can boost your online rankings, visibility, and revenue too. So, without much ado, get into evaluating your website right away and know if it needs redesigning.

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