We can easily get an attractive and amazing landscape, if we implement the correct basic concept. Basic principles of Landscape Design involve a variety of basic things such as texture, color, line and form. Creatively managed and arranged flowers can add more splendor to your landscape. It is continually useful to put in force the simple principle of panorama designing for superb Residential and industrial Landscape Design.

The shape might be the most fantastic and enduring detail of the landscape design. It set the first look of a garden when view from the space. Every plant has its personal unique mass, growth -addiction and volume which changes because the flowers develop. The form and shade of leaves of plant modifications with the change in season. The appropriate form of plant and their placement is crucial to create attractive, desirable and dynamic look to the garden.



Line is the base of any form. Whether curved or immediately, the distinctive form of traces gives a experience of path and movement. It is the remarkable approach to deviate cognizance at the particular vicinity of the garden or lawn. Whether it's miles any lovely curve of a flower bed, an edge of a walkway, an define of any plant fabric or a garden line, the attention follows the line robotically, whilst any character enters the lawn. Vertical, irregular and jagged diagonals are perfect to create pleasure whereas gentle, horizontal and sluggish lines give peace to thoughts.

Color is the top element within the design of a garden. Vibrant and desirable color is pivotal to present an powerful look to the lawn. A wisely pick out color sample can enhance the splendor of your garden, lawn and different all look of your house. Never ever do any experiment in terms of select any shade. Too lots colour can deliver a harsh appearance to your private home. The perfect color sample and appropriate quality plant life and bushes can decorate the fee of your private home.

Chen Wa provides complete home landscape design services for both residential and commercial settings. We provides top quality landscape maintenance services ensuring that every aspect of the landscape is cared for with respect for the property and its surroundings.