With International Women's Day, fast approaching we can’t ignore the fact that women have a significant impact on marketing.


This article highlights the top 5 most prolific and successful women in marketing, that have dominated the industry in highly reputable companies across the globe.

Mina Seetharaman


Mina Seetharaman is the EVP, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at The Economist Group. Before joining the Economist she was an executive director and co-founder of OglivyOne’s Advanced Content Marketing and Video Practices.
She was responsible for over $20 million in digital marketing execution work. An incredible fact about Mina is that she is also the UN Women GICC representative at The Economist Group. Mina has worked with big names such as Microsoft, Citigroup, Barclays, Prada, American Express, Arpels, GE and more.

Olga Andrienko


Olga is the Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush she is known in digital marketing whereby she has explored more than 50 marketers with 90% growth. Olga has won 9 awards for SEMrush for being the best SEO Company in UK, USA, Europe and MENA.
Olga has also been responsible for brand marketing activities in Europe, and North America. Her longtime experience has made her the leading brand manager in SaaS and B2B marketing.

Purna Virji


Purna Virji is the Sr. Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft. In 2016 Purna was named as the number one most influential PPC expert in the world. She is highly respected and popular in digital marketing.
She is a keynote speaker at global conferences and also a columnist for Moz and Search Engine Land.

Melanie Deziel


Melanie is the founder of StoryFuel. As the brand storyteller and keynote speaker, she is best known for empowering brands to tell their stories, which is an effective marketing strategy. She has appeared in several places and has organised and facilitated hundreds of workshops and keynotes.

Lisiane Ndong


Lisiane is an entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist. She is the current Client Success Manager at Searchmetrics. She has worked at The Insiders, and was responsible for global influencer marketing campaign management.
Women have had a great impact on marketing. At Anchor Digital, we celebrate women in marketing in this year's International Women's Day 2021.
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