If your HP Printer Won’t Turn on so, might be your printer not connected with the power cables or may be hardware or software issue. Now we are going to discuss the few possibilities and also, sharing the solution so, users can Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn on Issue by Printer Support Helpline experts.

Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn on IssueFix HP Printer Won’t Turn on Issue

Steps to Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn on Issue

1: The First user needs to connect and plug the printer’s cable.

2: Then push and press the power button continuously without releasing the power key.

3: While pushing the power button, if in case your printer device is not switching on.

4: Then the user needs to disconnect the power supply from the printer.

5: If you find is the problem is related to the power module.

6: Then carefully connect the required power cables to the power outlet.

7: Now connect the power plug to the HP printer device.

8: If the user thinks the defective USB is the main cause, so replace the USB cable.

9: It also depends on your make and model of your printer device.

10: Before following the steps make sure to check your printer properly.

11: If the printer access door is open so, kindly close the access door first.

12: Try to restart your printer and unplug all power cables.

13: Leave your device for 60 minutes.

14: Then re-plug all power cables.

15: If the user using the large printer then the user can find the power cable behind the printer.

16: Also, if the user using the AC adapter so maybe cable would be removable.

17: If the problem is related to cable or plugs so, the user needs to change the plugs and cables.

18: Also, if the power voltage is low that could be the cause of defective wiring.

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