According to the previous rumors & a new report, it is pretty apparent that there won’t be a Galaxy Note in 2021 from Samsung in the market for the customers. As per another report, it’s starting to appear more evident that there will not be a Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021. According to rumors circulating for quite some time, it was visible that Samsung would ultimately kill off the Note series, but over the last few months, those talks have become more solid than they’ve ever been. While that’s a change that’s going to be hard to digest for long-time Samsung fans, it sure does appear to be the hand that’s been compromised.

Although the idea of not owning a Galaxy Note has gotten a lot of people up in surprise, the fact stays that Samsung already has an awe-inspiring smartphone series here in March 2021. The Galaxy S21 series has turned out to be one of the most selling Android phones. The Galaxy A52 and A72 were recently revealed as Samsung’s latest budget presentations, and a new Galaxy Z Fold is expected to release later in the year. With so many proceedings, adding another Note to the series isn’t in the records for Samsung.

Reports & Rumors

According to this new report from Bloomberg, Samsung is currently grappling with the “serious imbalance” of semiconductor availability that’s trending worldwide. The effects of COVID are still being experienced in multiple aspects, including the industry’s ability to produce chipsets for tech companies that keep asking for them. Not only did Samsung co-CEO Koh Dohn-jin give a warning of this affecting Samsung’s corporate performance in Q2 2021, but the report goes on to say, “The company [Samsung] is also thinking of leaving the onset of a new Galaxy Note.” Koh reportedly said that this decision stems from Samsung’s desire to guide its product lineup and not as a by-product of the semiconductor shortage, but whatever the logic is, it’s apparent that the Galaxy Note is not on the cards.

This Bloomberg report is just the most recent document to suggest that 2021 won’t welcome a new Galaxy Note, so assuming that all of these facts turn out to be correct, what could a market without the Galaxy Note appear like? Samsung has already begun to prepare for this shift in its product ideology, shipping its Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship this year with S Pen support  — a first for any non-Galaxy Note phone. The S21 Ultra functions with any S Pen from previous Notes, or users can purchase a new S Pen as generally kept in a case.

Final Thoughts

According to rumors, Galaxy Z Fold 3 will start selling in the market later this year with S Pen compatibility, too. Using a stylus on a folding display comes with its unique complications. Still, the larger display would help for an even smoother S Pen experience than the Galaxy Note has ever produced. Add that to the fact that the Galaxy Note has already felt a bit derivative for the past couple of offerings, and the timing makes sense for Samsung to complexify stuff.

If this year passes off without any Galaxy Note, what does the rest of 2021 hold for Samsung? In addition to the Z Fold 3 described above, there’s also been discussion of Samsung creating a budget variant of the Galaxy Fold to be offered at some time in the year. Adding to that the potential successors of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 FE, and there’s still a lot to look up to even in the absence of the Note.

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