Fashion designing encompasses designing everything and anything that becomes a trend, the in-thing everyone wants to be a part of. Be it the bell-bottoms of the 50s, the dog collared shirts donned by the Bollywood heroes of the 60s, high heels are worn during the 60s, or the floral printed sarees displayed on the silver screens during the 80s, every one of these fads was conceived in single minds who gave shape to those concepts by inculcating the basics of fashion designing.  Fashion designers study the current fashion trends intricately and thereafter, sketch designs out of the loom of their imagination. An imaginative mind along with a creative bent helps one to understand the intricacies associated with this profession.

Interior designing, on the other hand, has to do more with the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding of a place. The best presentable way space can be displayed while retaining the original beauty is the artwork of an interior designer. In the canvass of his imagination, the interior designer perceives the way alterations can make a space appealing. In both fashion designing and interior designing, a creative and imaginative mind plays a major role.

With a majority of the youth being aware of the latest trend and fashion, experimentation with unique ideas and designs largely determines their taste in fashion. This has made the demand for skilled fashion designers more than ever. Selecting a course in Fashion Designing is bound to open up a plethora of opportunities for aspirants who wants to make a career in this field. Conceptualizing unique ideas for clothing, lifestyle accessories, jewellery etc. and bringing them alive through a variety of shapes and colours sets apart a fashion designer.  It is also essential to understand that the curriculum and course structure of different fashion designing courses vary from institute to institute. Special emphasis should be laid on the certification or degree that is awarded at the end of the term. Just like fashion designing, interior designing is a lucrative career. To meet the ever-rising population, adequate housing is required. Today’s generation of home buyers has been a product of the millennial generation. The fashion trendy and tech-savvy generation gives prominence to have their place of stay to be unique and utilizes the ingenuity of interior designers who transform their spaces into a work of art as per their concept and visualization.

Delhi is the hub of some of the best educational institutes and training centres in the country. Aspiring wannabe fashion designers and interior designers throng the city in their quest of finding the best institute to learn about their subjects of interest under the tutelage of professional guides. Some of the things to keep in mind while selecting the best institute from the plethora of choices is finding out about the teacher-student ratio, technical upkeep of the institute, live projects and on-the-job training, and placements and internships provided. Tucked in the busy neighbourhood of Kalakaji, Design Academy is one such institute that provides the best interior design courses in Delhi. Equipped with all modern means of teaching and efficient instructors having considerable experience in their respective fields, it has been a pioneer in providing high-quality education. It is one of the best fashion designing institutes in Delhi. Design Academy has been instrumental in sculpting the career of thousands of fashion designers and interior designers from the past decade. Its rich experience and high placement success rate are what sets them apart. It will be prudent for the students to consider a detour into their wi-fi centre if considering a career in fashion and interior designing.

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