Japan is a significant industrialized first world country with the third biggest economy on the planet. It is home to the absolute most famous business houses on the planet that have a worldwide presence. Normally, there's an exceptionally huge number of expats who live and work in Japan. The greatest worry of expats with families including youngsters is the sort of tutoring their kids will approach in that country. 

There are many worldwide schools in Japan that oblige this segment of their populace. These incorporate a wide range of schools-nursery school, primary school, auxiliary school and secondary school. 

  1. Global Indian International School

This is a leading international school in Tokyo known to support an uplifting disposition towards learning just as teaching the best qualities and culture in their understudies.. The schooling that they get there empowers them to get abilities relating to development, administration and business. It has accomplished the interesting qualification of being named the top abroad CBSE (chief Indian assessment educational program) school. 

2.Aoba-Japan International School

The mechanism of guidance in this worldwide school is English and it offers the International Baccalaureate educational program to its understudies. Other significant parts of this school are its accentuation on building up a worldwide perspective just as a capacity to team up with others to introduce a superior world. 

With eight grounds packed with offices and top class framework, it is an extraordinary spot to get a top class training. 

3. St. Maur International School

This Tokyo global school has gained notoriety for its exclusive expectations of training and magnificent framework. Its understudies range from three years old to eighteen and study as per the International Baccalaureate, British and other worldwide educational plans. 

Established path back in 1872 the Saint Maur International School is a pioneer among global schools in Japan. It has acquired an impressive standing over the almost century and a portion of its reality. It is a coeducational establishment that gives instruction to understudies who range in age from two and half years right to class 12. The understudies of this school hail from a multi social and multi countries local area. 

4. Summerhill International School

This is the grade school to go to in Tokyo. It is an authorize baccalaureate school that offers request based training in the essential long periods of their understudies' lives-(ages 15 months to 5 years). They gloat of a protected and effective transport administration with advantageous get and drop areas all through Tokyo 

5. UIA International School

This Tokyo global school takes into account kids in the age classes 2 to 18.They follow the International Preschool Curriculum for kindergarten and the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) for Grades 1 to 12. They are very exceptional as far as offices and framework. 

6. New International School of Japan

This bilingual global school offers both worldwide and Japanese educational plans and takes into account the instructive prerequisites of understudies matured 3 to 18. The language of guidance is both Japanese and English. They additionally energize extracurricular exercises amazingly and work really hard of making bilinguals of their understudies. Sure is an incredible spot to form into an individual with a worldwide point of view. 


Japan has been a major world power since the nineteenth century and its importance on the world stage is enormous. It is also a global centre of trade, commerce and industry. It naturally has a large expat population working and living there. It is not surprising, therefore, that the capital city of Tokyo is home to so many excellent quality international schools.