How to obtain Bunny Eggs in Eggcellent Adventure 6
In the modern iteration of Eggcellent Adventure, the entire process of collecting bunny eggs is the same as in 2020. The main goal of the event is the Bunny Dodo. They lay eggs for the coast like ordinary dodos, but jump out because of their cute bunny ears. Standing behind a long enough one, you will note a bunny egg fall out. Besides, Cheap ARK Items For Sale on, and have PVP/PVE ARK Survival Evolved Power Leveling services to players.

How to use bunny eggs to have Chibis
Once you might have enough rabbit eggs with your inventory, you may want to know what to do with them. Their first use is to position them for the ground and cracking them open like other objects. As each egg breaks, you've got a 25% possible opportunity to unlock Chibi. Considering there are several Chibis in ARK currently, you might need to open a huge selection of eggs for getting all the new eggs.

How for making Eggcellent Adventure 6 Skins
Although most skins in Eggcellent Adventure 6 could be reused during the past few years, you will still find a variety of cosmetics that might be made through the event. Besides, you can even put the bunny eggs inside a standard cooking pot to generate any event skin. Usually, you will need about 50 bunny eggs to generate premium items. Also, you can proceed to the store to get cheap ARK items.

 How to vary the color of Dinos
In addition to making items with eggs, also you can visit the Bunny Oviraptor to get a limited time to alter the color with the Dinos. Except for the bunny ears and special beak, he looks and behaves to be a regular Oviraptor. Feed the eggs he dropped in your creatures, and they're going to receive a 24-hour speed boost and random special coloring.