The embroidered cushions online allow you to highlight your sofa or your chaise longue on your terrace or balcony. Depending on your taste, you can choose sober, plain, patterned, or very colorful. It is the size of your furniture that will define the number of cushions to install. For an armchair, a single cushion is usually sufficient. But on a sofa, you can create a composition of three or more cushions by mixing styles and colors. You can also instead choose a color that contrasts with that of the fabric of your sofa.

The more you want to achieve a cocooning atmosphere, the more cushions you will have throughout the room: sofas, armchairs, and chairs will be filled with them. The quantity will also be determined by the atmosphere of the premises. To suit a traditional or sophisticated decoration, we will opt for an even number and asymmetrical placement. On the other hand, if we want to obtain a more modern look, we will rather lean towards diversity and free association.

For example, we can go up to five units for a three-seater sofa. Now let's see which cushions to choose according to their size and shape. Most of the time, we opt for models of the same size. A serious mistake, since mixing the volumes allows you to add relief to the decor of a room. Opting for a few uniquely shaped cushions can also create a nice dynamic in the ensemble you have chosen, according to a harmonious color palette. You can of course alternate uni and patterns for an extra touch of fantasy. Now it's your turn! This cushion will guide your choice of other accessories, it is very important to find your favorite. It will serve as a model and reference for the other cushions.