Python is the most widely used high-level programming language, It can be used for developing websites, Web applications, and GUI applications.

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Applications of Python:

Web Development

Python is a great choice for the active development of web applications. Python helps you to create web apps quickly with many frameworks such as Pyramid, Flask, and Django.

Python is utilized on the server-side of web development and it can be used to interact with databases and create Rest API services.

Artificial Intelligence:

Computers and instruments were used to perform mathematical calculations at high speeds, but now many large companies and researchers are working on developing intelligent systems that can perform tasks in the same way that humans do.

The following Python libraries are used to build intelligent systems:

  • NLTK is an abbreviation for the Natural Language Toolkit, which is a collection of tools for natural language processing.
  • OpenCV is an open-source computer vision library.
  • Keras is a deep learning library.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is a deep learning framework that was developed by Microsoft.
  • Data Science

Nowadays, Data Scientists are heavily dependent on Python because of its benefits such as simplicity, a large community, and the ability to perform large calculations quickly.

Python frameworks and libraries that are prevalent in the data science field such as 

  1. Scikit-learn (Machine learning)
  2. Numpy (Numeric and scientific calculations)
  3. Matplotlib (Data visualizations)
  4. Pandas (Data analysis)
  5. Tensorflow (Machine and Deep learning )

 After learning Python Classes in Pune  you can create scripts to automate stuff and go into web development.


Python can make life easier by automating a variety of tasks, such as scraping a website for data, automating test cases in software development areas, and automating mundane office tasks.

Python can easily access and read all types of files, which opens up the possibility of saving a significant amount of time by automating repetitive tasks.

The frameworks or library used for automation are:

  1. Pytest
  2. PyUnit
  3. Robot Framework
  4. Selenium Python

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