What is tooth extraction?


Tooth extraction is designed to eliminate the infected teeth from its socket in the bone.

Usually, when your tooth is broken or damaged due to specific reasons like tooth decay, or a sudden accident, you have to go through dental extraction treatments. Most of the time dentists try to save your tooth or teeth by using other means such as filling, fixing a crown, etc. But, if it is uncontrolled damage and it can’t be repaired, then this type of condition requires tooth extraction.



Moreover, if your immune system has become weak due to any illness or constant usage of specific drugs leading to infection in the tooth also needs tooth extraction. To recover from such kinds of dental problems, visit Dentist Midtown.   


There are various other reasons that alert that you need a tooth extraction including:


  • If Advanced tooth decay has been spread to the furcation areas of the teeth.
  • If the tooth decay has destroyed a large portion of the tooth that is impossible to restore the tooth.  
  • If teeth are impacted.
  • If Misaligned teeth are creating problems for the neighboring structures.


What are the types of dental extractions?


Houston Dentist can perform the procedure in the following ways:


Simple extractions


When your teeth are extremely visible in the mouth and this problem can be solved easily by general dentists. During this procedure, dentists inject you with a local anesthetic to numb the area so that the procedure will be painless.



Surgical extractions: 


When it is impossible to reach the damaged tooth, this situation happens when the teeth are broken under the gumline or the tooth has partially erupted. Such kinds of situations require an oral surgeon. He/She cuts and pulls back the gums thereby providing access for removing the bone or a part of the tooth.

Usually, Oral surgeons perform dental extractions. Before pulling the damaged tooth, they administer a local anesthetic to numb the affected area so that you can’t feel any pain during the procedure. If the tooth is impacted, they will eliminate the gum and bone tissue that houses the tooth. After that, they will use surgical tools to move your tooth in to and fro motion so that the extraction process can become easier.   You can visit a dental office to get a tooth extraction near me.



Before tooth extraction:


Before the procedure, your dentist will ask for your medical and dental histories. Moreover, he/she might take your dental X-ray to detect the problem precisely. In some cases, he/she may give you antibiotics.


After Tooth extraction procedure:


If the extraction procedure is simple, your dentist might suggest medicines like ibuprofen. And if the procedure is surgical extractions your dentists may prescribe you some pain reliever for a few days. He/She may advise against eating or chewing hard substances for some days.  When the procedure is complete, he/she may place a gauze piece over the treated area to facilitate clotting.


The cost of single tooth extraction may be around $200. If the procedure is surgical, it can reach up to $500.


If you are experiencing discomfort and pain in your tooth, you should consult your dentist as it can be a clear warning that your tooth is damaged.


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