ISO 22000 certification is a certificate of international value, it is a commitment of companies in controlling hazards and ensuring food safety and hygiene for consumers.

The value of ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia can be expressed in the following respects:

1.Prove to consumers about food safety: ISO 22000 is that the 1st international customary developed to certify food safety management systems, ensuring the health and welfare of shoppers. This customary covers necessities for info exchange systems, risk management and control systems in an enterprise. ISO 22000 certification as a symptom of food hygiene and safety of businesses in the field of food production, process and provide. Consumers will be additional confident for Enterprises with management systems reaching ISO 22000.

2.Enhance your business’ capability in food management: ISO 22000 sets out the management requirements that companies got to fulfil. Therefore, applying ISO 22000 at a similar time can facilitate enterprises to have a better management system. The proof is that companies can begin to manage additional closely and effectively on the problems of: Managing input materials; Production coming up with Management; Inventory management; Production personnel management; Finished product management; Managing works conditions; Managing production tools…. Since then, the corporate can bit by bit improve, improve the management potency for the Enterprise.

3.Mandatory requirements once collaborating in a very bidding; give faculty food; industrial are: Currently, to demonstrate the capability once collaborating in several bidding projects. Enterprises got to have some papers associated with their fields of activity. For example, Qualified base paper; kid license; Certificate of food chain safety. ISO 22000 certificate or HACCP within the field of food. These certificates are a testament to the Company’s ability to manage food safety. Lots of investors; schools; hospital; industrial zone. all businesses that give food for them should have ISO 22000 certificate.

4.Certification method an ISO 22000 certification will replace a Food Safety Qualified License:  ISO 22000 Registration in Dubai detail the implementation of a variety of articles of the Law on Food Safety contains laws. Enterprises are granted one of the certificates: sensible producing Practices (GMP). Hazard analysis and critical management points (HACCP) system. The ISO 22000 food safety management system won't be needed to use for a Certificate of food safety eligibility.”

Certification Steps of ISO 22000

ISO 22000 certificate may be a certificate issued by 01 Certification Organization. Certification organizations operate under the overall principles of the ISO coalition. At a similar time, the Certification Organization is additionally the unit under the management and designation of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Therefore, the implementation of ISO certification should ensure compliance with the prescribed method. This method involves loads of work and stages. Following this method properly ensures that the ISO certificate is valid.

Below, we introduce the certification method that has been confirmed and appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Step 1: Register for certification and consider the certification body ISO 22000 certification method

To carry out certification; Enterprises should consider the certification Organization on problems associated with certification activities. The enterprise can send a certificate of registration to the certification Organization. Registration of certification can include info associated with the Enterprise. For example, Business name; Location of assessment; producing sector; a range of employees. The certification assessment will be approved by the two parties through the certification contract.

Step 2: Review info and arrange for certification audits

The ISO 22000 consultant in Bangalore receives info and necessities from the Enterprise. After that, the Certification Organization reviews the data and makes an assessment commit to sending it to the client. The audit arrangement can principally incorporate certification info. For example, analysis time; place of assessment; info consultants’ evaluation; Content rated. The assessment arrangement can facilitate businesses proactively prepare the analysis content.

Step 3: Document review and certification within the field

Regular certification audits undergo 2 basic steps. that's the analysis and review of the enterprise’s document system. And sensible assessment at the works, where businesses do business. Auditors of the certification Organization can review the documents, processes, directions … and whether the assembly and business of the Business comply with the provisions of ISO 22000 or not. Auditors can perform the work on the principle of judgment, independence and compliance with the law on certification and certification. The result of this step is proof of whether the Enterprise Management System is compliant with ISO 22000.

Step 4: Review analysis documents and issue certificates

After having the results of the analysis of certified auditors. The certification body can review the file and issue a certificate to the business. ISO certificate is valid for 03 years and also the minimum watching amount is twelve months/time.

Step 5: Review management and recertify

After achieving ISO 22000 certification, businesses should still maintain the management system. At the prescribed watching time, the certification Organization conducts periodic watching assessments. The results of the watching audit will be proof to keep up the validity of the certification. Surveillance audits are the same as for first-time certification audits.

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