An expat is a person working or living in a country that is distinct from his native country. Especially, a United States expatriate is an individual residing in America for work reasons or temporary reasons. In a few conditions, an expat is someone who has already relinquished his/her citizenship of one's home country to be called a citizen of a foreign country. Expats can abandon their home country on account of work; it can include migrant laborers looking for lucrative jobs in a distinct country. Besides, they can reside overseas for a while or forfeit one country's citizenship completely to reside in another one.


The life of an expat can be exciting and full of possibilities. It is an outstanding opportunity for someone who seeks growth in his/her career or business exposure globally. However, it can feel like a jarring emotional transition for few people as it can compel an individual to separate from their family or friends. The individual has to adjust to a new working environment and a strange culture. Hence, these migrant workers are offered higher compensation in comparison to the other workers. 


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