Once you decide to rent a home , it is important that you have enough money to pay the rental deposit, which is usually one to three months' rent. Once the rental contract is finalized, the owner will have to make the return of the deposit. In today's blog we will see what is the term of the return of the deposit and how it works.

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How does the bond work?

First of all, you have to distinguish between the bond and the additional deposit or guarantee, this distinction is important to make because it will influence the return of the money.

The bond is established by the Urban Leasing Law indicates that a one-month bond is mandatory. The owner has the obligation to deposit this month to the corresponding body of the autonomous community within a maximum period of one month. Once the deposit is posted, they will receive a notification of the deposit.

But, the most frequent thing when we rent a house is that they ask us for more than one month of deposit. This is because by law, the owner can ask for up to two months of additional guarantee or deposit . Here is the difference between the deposit, which is one month and is for the competent body, and the deposit, which is not mandatory and is protected by the owner.

Both the deposit and the additional guarantee must be included in the housing lease with the exact amount that the tenant is depositing.

Refund of rental deposit

The return of the month of deposit can be made through a request for return to the corresponding agency , once the keys have been delivered and the termination contract has been signed.

Both the documentation and the documentation deadlines will vary according to the autonomous community in which you are, that is why the most important thing is to inform yourself from the same website of the town hall or, by going to the corresponding office. Normally, the offices have a page where all the information appears and the procedures can be done online.

These are the competent bodies of each autonomous community with the information you will need:

  • Madrid:  IVIMA.
  • Catalonia:  INCASÓL.
  • Galicia:  Galician Institute of Housing and Land.
  • Castilla y León:  Chambers of Urban Property of Castilla y León.
  • Castilla la Mancha:  General Directorate of Housing, Urbanism and Territorial Planning.
  • Basque Country: BIZILAGUN.
  • Valencian Community:  Registers of the Territorial Directorate.
  • Cantabria:  Canarian Housing Institute.
  • Balearic Islands:  IBAVI.
  • Canary Islands: Canary Islands  Housing Institute.
  • Andalusia:  AVRA .
  • Murcia:  Depository of the Autonomous Community of Murcia.
  • Extremadura:  General Deposit Fund of the General Directorate of Housing of Extremadura.
  • Aragon:  Institute of Soil and Housing of Aragon.


Return of additional warranty

As for the additional guarantee, the landlord will have to return it within 30 days from the delivery of the keys and the end of the contract. The lessor may retain the guarantee in the following cases:

  • Non-payment of rent and / or supplies.
  • If there are damages in the house caused by the tenant.
  • If the home is returned without proper cleaning conditions.
  • In the event that inventory items are missing or damaged.

In the lease it should be clearly established that they are considered defects in order not to return a deposit. That is, everything that involves repairs to the home to keep it in habitable conditions is the responsibility of the landlord, as long as it is not caused by the tenant.

But the tenant will have to be responsible for the small damages that are going out of use while he is living there. You will also have to bear the costs of any repair or major damage that you have caused directly.

If each party is responsible for what the contract stipulates, there should be no problems for the return of the deposit.

Tips for returning the deposit

To finish with the blog, we leave you some tips so that you have the minimum problems with the return of the deposit:

  • Repairs and deep cleaning. Before handing over the keys, it is very important that you take a few days to leave everything exactly as it was. Once you have made the move and the apartment is empty, take the opportunity to fix the holes in the wall, paint if necessary, clean everything well and make the necessary repairs.
  • Check the inventory. It is important that for as long as you have lived in the rental apartment, you have kept all the objects that appear in the inventory. Otherwise, you will have to replace them.
  • Review and take photos before entering. During a period of time, which are established in the contract, it is the landlord who will have to be responsible for any damages that may exist, since they are considered to be prior to the arrival of the tenants and they will not have been able to cause them. At that time, the same day you enter the apartment, is when you will have to check everything well and take photos of all the damages that there are to make sure the landlord does not take it into account in the deposit.

If you are interested in renting your home or renting one, do not hesitate to contact our rental team . We will be happy to help you throughout the rental process.



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