Is it accurate to say that you are struggling to increase your sales on Amazon? At that point you're at the opportune spot! Since, as usual, we're here to assist you with advancing your sales strategy.

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Indeed, Amazon Marketing Services really doesn't exist anymore. Amazon blended AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), AMG (Amazon Media Group), and AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform) into one select brand: Amazon Advertising. 

During the rebranding, AMS was renamed Advertising Console, yet fortunately every one of the old features that we've come to cherish are as yet accessible. 

This platform outfits you with different self-service advertising arrangements that empower you to get your products seen by your planned target audience. 

Besides, it gives you simple admittance to every one of your missions and stores through its recently improved on UI. It likewise permits you to effortlessly find billing and payment methods, oversee client accounts, and access the support place to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding your ads or Amazon's ad policies.

What Does Amazon Advertising Have to Offer?

This amazing platform offers different self-service solutions to promote your item or brand. 

These services include:

  • Customized Amazon stores
  • Sponsored product ads
  • Sponsored brand ads
  • Sponsored display ads

Moreover, Amazon will assist you in the creation of display ads, video ads, and custom ads. They even have a demand-side platform that will help you purchase promotion placements (both on and off Amazon) through their advanced tools.

1. Amazon Store

One incredible feature offered by Amazon Advertising is Amazon Stores. You can assemble your own personal customized multi-page Amazon Store — and the best part is, it's totally free! 

Here you can promote your brand and increase your sales by assisting customers with finding your item portfolio and related Amazon products all the more without any problem. 

You can utilize Amazon's predesigned templates to make your store with no technical knowledge! You can even utilize the intuitive feature to handily move tiles around and guarantee that your store has a unique look and feel. 

You'll likewise approach information in regards to your sales and traffic, and Amazon will even give experiences to ensure you see how to utilize this data to improve your promotion crusades. 

To make your own store, you need to have a functioning, enlisted brand name that has been tried out by the Amazon Brand Registry.

When your store is ready for action, you will receive your own personal Amazon URL that is not difficult to remember. You would then be able to utilize this URL in your marketing campaigns to drive customers to your exceptionally branded Amazon store.

2. Sponsored Products Ads

There are two ways for targeting your audience:

Automatic Targeting

With automatic targeting, your ads will automatically be matched with potential customers through close matching, free matching, substitutes, and complements. 

On the off chance that you pick either the nearby match type or the free match type, Amazon shoppers will actually want to see your ad in the search results should your item match their search terms as needed. 

In the event that you choose the substitutes or complements match types, your ad will be displayed for customers who visit the detail pages of items comparable or complementary to yours. 

You can adjust these match types during and after you've set up your campaign to meet your campaign goals.

Product Targeting

With product targeting, target single products or categories to improve your ads' relevance. You can refine this targeting strategy by brand, price, or star rating. 

Amazon has likewise as of late added the choice to target products based on their Prime shipping eligibility — and, in the event that you need to focus on a book or eBook, you can limit it down to specific genres. 

When you've effectively registered your Sponsored Product, Amazon will highlight your ads where clients can undoubtedly see them. 

Moreover, you just compensate each time a client clicks on your ad, so you can maximize your earnings with this service. You can even control your spending by drawing a budget line and choosing the amount you need to bid per click.

3. Sponsored Brands Ads

Another cost-per-click option to consider is the Sponsored Brands Ads service. 

These ads (recently known as Headline Search Ads) will include your own logo, a headline customized to showcase your image, and a maximum of three of your products.

In the event that a customer clicks on your logo, they'll be taken to your store's custom landing page. Here they can browse your products and purchase straightforwardly from your Amazon Store. 

This is an incredible method to make awareness of your brand and increase your sales with insignificant advertising expenses.

4. Sponsored Display Ads

This advertising administration was dispatched in beta for U.S. sellers toward the beginning of September 2019. It permits you to create display campaigns rapidly as per your budget. 

You can make the most of this opportunity to arrive at your target audience both on and off Amazon in case you're enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. Your chose items should fall under at least one of the eligible categories. 

When your Sponsored Display ad goes live, Amazon will use machine learning to automatically create audiences dependent on their shopping activities. This ad will likewise be featured on outsider websites, so you'll get maximum exposure.