Coolalinga in the Northern Territory is an outer suburb of Darwin situated about 29kms south of the city centre on the Stuart Highway. While its population is only a few hundred, it is a service centre for the Litchfield Shire which covers around 2,900 square kilometers.water sprinkler Coolalinga .






Coolalinga’s climate varies considerably between the wet and dry seasons. In the dry season Coolalinga can experience up to 10 daylight hours per day. This makes solar energy in the region a very viable and reliable power source and has resulted in farmers and residents moving towards solar as an efficient energy source. As a result, solar pumps and irrigation systems are popping up everywhere in both rural and domestic settings.


Solar water pumps are used in the area around Coolalinga for a variety of purposes. Stock water pumps have for some time now been utilizing solar pump technology. The benefits of solar water pumps for supplying stock water are they do not need to be connected to an external power source and operate by themselves with very little maintenance. Obviously the energy source is free, so after the initial capital to set them up, there is very little cost to keep them going. Solar pumping is an ideal solution for remote and rural areas with little or no access to power. Solar pumping systems can replace a diesel system or in many cases can be used together. The low level of servicing needed makes solar pumping a great solution for reliable access to water. Solar pumps have also become quite a popular choice in remote and off the grid living.


Other industries also benefit from solar water pumps, especially when they are coupled with a complete irrigation system. Around the Coolalinga area there are many industries which have embraced solar pumps and rely on efficient irrigation systems. Some of these include mango, melon, tropical fruit and flower growers. With temperatures soaring in the high 30’s in Coolalinga, it is important pumping and irrigation systems aim to minimize evaporation as much as possible. Farmers in the Coolalinga area have learnt to use methods such as micro drip irrigation to reduce evaporation. Sprinkler irrigation is minimized in outdoor settings as water is a scarce commodity in the dry season and there is increased water loss with sprinkler irrigation lawn sprinkler Coolalinga .


While Coolalinga locals have learnt to embrace the sun and solar pumps, they have also learnt the importance of water storage. Rainwater tanks are a common sight around most farms and households, proving an excellent supplementary water source. Solar pumps are common where rainwater tanks are found, with many homeowners choosing to irrigate their garden. Bore water is another water source in the region so it is normal to see bore pumps and tanks in Coolalinga.


Coolalinga residents have also begun to harness the sun through the use of solar pool pumps. Living in the Northern Territory requires residents to adapt to their environment and utilize all the resources available. With the cost efficiency of solar and its application to solar pumps and irrigation systems, it is inevitable that solar pumps will be used more and more in the future.


Solar pumps do require maintenance and servicing so it is important to find a good pump supplier to service your pump and all related irrigation products. Think Water Darwin is located right in Coolalinga. Their staff knows their stuff and the local area. They will certainly be able to help you with all your water pump supply and maintenance needs.