Python is an undeniable level, multipurpose, deciphered, intuitive and object arranged programming language. Python is not difficult to learn and flexible prearranging language Python is a programming language which supports organized and useful techniques and that have work in information structure, Portable, Extensible. Likewise it is an extensible language. 

Deciphered methods it is prepared at runtime by utilizing mediator. There is no compelling reason to arrange program before execution. It is utilized to give the capacity to cooperate to information bases, to assemble the applications which can be run in a Windows climate, to fabricate the CGI scripts which can be run from a Web program and so on It is utilized in wherever from business Web destinations to web based games, from straightforward transformation contents to complex Internet update schedules for banks and other monetary foundations. 

Python is a programming language that can be applied in various stages. It accompanies standard library that incorporates nearly for all Internet conventions, OS interfaces, testing and string handling. 

String Processing – Regular Expressions, Calculate contrasts between records, Unicode. 

Web Protocols – HTTP, SMTP, FTP, XML-RPC, IMAP, POP, CGI programming 

Computer programming – Unit Testing, Logging, Profiling and Parsing Python code 

Working System Interfaces – System Calls, File Systems and TCP/IP Sockets 

In contrast to other programming dialects, 

Hardly any lines of codes does the super work 

There is no requirement for wavy sections except for requires legitimate space. 

Variable information type affirmation not needed python will deal with it. 

Python codes need not have classes, you can get the functionalities working just by proclaiming them in capacities or techniques. Make modules and import it to reuse the code. 

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It is utilized to help the restricted type of various legacy which is not difficult to learn. 

It upholds a large portion of the OOPs ideas that other programming dialects do. 

It gives worked in capacities that are not difficult to adjust and work. 

Learn Python 

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Highlights of Python 

Python has following Features – 

Item Oriented 






Simple to Use 

Simple to Learn­ 


GUI Programming 


Python was made in mid 1980s by Guido van Rossum as a replacement of a language called ABC. Presently it is overseen by the Python Software Foundation (PSF). It is a free and non-benefit association which deals with the open source permitting for python 2.1 and fresher adaptation of python. Python is affected by programming dialects like: ABC, modulo – 3, C, C++ and so forth 

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