Exploring best emirates tours and safari the desert in Dubai in the morning is a great experience for travelers. We arrange customized Morning Desert Safari Dubai for groups as well as individual travelers. The next time you are in Dubai, be sure to check out the traditional desert life, as the sun shines across the horizon, brightening the day.


Dubai, with its metropolitan lifestyle and futuristic horizons, brings travelers the raw charm of the desert. When you join us for the Morning Desert Safari, you can experience the best of the city in its offerings. Our drivers are experienced and they ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. Apart from this, you will get experiences like doon chop and camel ride in the desert, which will give you unforgettable memories.



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Most importantly, if you like adventure games, you should go for a Morning Desert Safari. Quad biking and sand skiing are the main attractions of this trip. As the camels move closer to these bases, you will also see the traditional Bedouin lifestyle in the desert. Breathe in the beauty of the morning sun, take part in photo sessions and decorate the day with fun and Arabic recipes. Join us with specific requests and we will help you customize your trip.


The desert safari in Dubai is one of the main attractions for tourists. For a customized Evening Desert Safari Tour in Dubai with the Bbq Dinner Package, you can contact us. We have been arranging desert safaris for tourists in Dubai for a number of years. The city has a lot to offer, moreover, it has a very amazing architecture. In the evening the desert looks bright, as the sun descends below the horizon. With a camel ride and photo session, you can take home unforgettable moments.




The evening desert safari lasts four and a half hours. Our Land Rover will take you from your hotel or other desired location at a specific time. When you leave the city and enter the desert, you will experience hitting the dunes for 30 minutes. This experience is something you often do not enjoy. Next, you can explore the desert on a camel or go for adventure sports like quad biking and sandboarding. Additionally, you can watch live entertainment shows such as the Tanura Show, Fire Show and Belly Dance.


We offer travelers alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Spend the evening under the starry night and experience a dental BBQ dinner and Buffet deals in sharjah. The SUV will drop you off at your hotel after the trip. Join us for the best evening desert safari package for groups and individuals.


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Exploring the desert in the morning will give you a great experience where you can experience the inherent essence of nature. When the sun is visible beyond the horizon, red sand glows. Our Evening Desert Safari Dubai package brings you the opportunity to experience this amazing experience as you spend 4-5 hours in the desert. The soft rays of the sun washing the desert-scene, you have so many memories to collect.


The Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Tour starts at dawn. Our driver will pick you up from the hotel or other designated place in the morning. All of our drivers are English speakers and experts. In addition, they are well trained to drive in the desert. As soon as you reach our camp site, you enjoy soaking in the desert. Camel riding is popular in the desert and you can get a close look at the flora and fauna of the desert while riding these animals.



Adventure activities like quad biking, buggy riding and sand skiing come as a bonus. You can customize the trip with us to suit your needs. A delicious breakfast with Arabic refreshments defines the uniqueness of this desert safari. Enjoy the sunrise desert safari Dubai and witness nature enhance its charm.