Weighted blankets are throw-size blankets which are filled with materials such as poly pellets, discs, breathable cotton cloth or polypropylene plastic beads. The blankets were previously employed by therapists but have now found its way to be a normal part of our healthful sleep and anxiety relief customs. These types of blankets are made to ease tension and create a feeling of calm.


The blanket has a lengthy history in sensory integration therapy, and it's occasionally referred to as a gravity blanket or stress blanket. Weighted blankets come in varied sizes and can be used by teens and adults. Weighted blankets can be risky when used by kids, so adequate precaution Ought to Be taken.


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There are lots of weighted blankets available in Canada and in different price points. It may be so overwhelming to figure out which one will suit your sleeping preferences, supply you with great nighttime sleep and relieve you of a stressful moment. Gotta Sleep has done the search for you. We have picked the best-weighted blankets available in Canada.

Keep reading if you want to check the testimonials of the best 17 weighted blankets, so that you can make the best choice when buying.




Hush Weighted Blankets is the selection for the Top Weighted Blanket in Canada. If you are seeking to drop asleep faster due to insomnia, reduce anxiety, or reduce depression, this is the blanket for you. The blanket is made of a mix of cotton and a proprietary bamboo. The substances used in the design of the blanket ensure your breathing is not hindered, which lets you breathe safely and with a normal rhythm.


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This aids the blanket to wick away sweat during hot nights while giving you stress relief. The blanket can be found in assorted sizes and weights ranging from 5 lb to 25 lb.


The blanket is really cool and perfect for cold sleepers as well as those looking for a warmer solution to your cooling cover. The cover can be easily removed for washing and drying that is why we've deemed it that the BEST WEIGHTED BLANKET.



  • Simple to wash and dry
  • Available in various size and weights
  • Provides consistent airflow
  • Breathable
  • Even Weight supply
  • Cooling Gel-infused memory foam


YnM Weighted Blanket is among the very best weighted blankets. This top notch blanket assists your body to relax by mimicking a feeling of being hugged. The blanket was demonstrated to assist you fall asleep faster and wake up rested. The blanket comes in various sizes and weights (from 5lb to 25 pounds ) to support almost any body weight.

The blanket is made of a 7 layer structure and it is intended to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the evening. The glass beads used in the building provide temperature control and keep you from becoming too warm through the night.


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Characteristics :


  • Wide variety of size and weight options
  • 7 ordered layers
  • Minimal noise whilst shifting
  • Diverse duvet cover designs
  • Temperature control



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The Luna Weighted Blanket is smartly designed and combines a total of 7 layers which are compact to ensure even weight loss. The blanket is constructed with naturally soft cotton fabric covering which is full of a cloud-like fabric. The blanket was designed for optimal breathability and temperature controller. So you have to sleep comfortably with the blankets even in summertime.


To care with this blanket, you want to wash cold on a gentle washing machine or you hand wash. You may also tumble dry on low heat. Various weights and sizes are available for this particular blanket and it's recommended you pick a blanket that is 10% of your own body weight.

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  • 7 layers arrangement
  • Even weight reduction
  • Breathable
  • Temperature control
  • acceptable for people with allergies

4. HUSH Traditional BLANKET

Hush Classic Blanket is a superior weighted blanket that is soft, comfortable and curative. The exterior of the blanket is built with top quality materials which enhances the softness. The interior layer of the mattress is made with microfiber and non-toxic glass beads.

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The blanket can be found in different weights and sizes. The substance employed in the creation of the mattress is breathable.




  • Breathable
  • Even weight distribution
  • Available in Various sizes and weight



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The blanket is filled with natural, non-toxic micro glass bead filler. The blanket is built with high-density sewing technology. This averts the loose of congestion and threads of beads. The blanket is composed of smaller squares that ensure the glass beads are evenly dispersed. The blanket has 8 loops


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ZonLi weighted blankets are suggested to be spot-washed and level dried. There are various weights and sizes of this ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket. ZonLi Cooling optional blanket is watertight.




  • Breathable
  • 7-layer structure
  • 100% Cotton
  • Even weight distribution


The Hush Iced optional blanket offers a relaxing and sleep-inducing power. The blanket is made of bamboo and cotton. The heating cover is made from a super-soft and stretchy mix of bamboo and cotton. The inner of this blanket is made with super comfortable microfiber.


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Hush Iced is constructed with pockets of non-toxic glass beads in which ensure the weight is evenly distributed. The manufacturer recommends you go to get a blanket that's about 10 percent of your own body weight.




  • Even weight reduction
  • Breathable
  • Available in different weights and sizes

YnM cooling weighted blanket is an ultra-soft and slick smooth 300 thread walnut viscose layout. The blanket is constructed with thinner polyfill and superior glass bead. This allows the blanket to have an even weight distribution. The bamboo fabric used in the building of the blanket is sterile. As a result, you don't have to worry if you suffer from allergies.

YnM weighted blankets include two additional layers of durable cotton cloth. These layers are between the bamboo face and the thin polyfill. This provides the blanket with its durability and also prevents beads leakages.




  • Allergy friendly
  • Extra layers for durability
  • Cooler than normal weighted blankets
  • Even weight reduction