Cloud phone Systems is a Voice Over Internet Protocol-based business phone system hosted by a third-party provider. The provider offers telephone services over the Internet to customers. These cloud services are characterized by low costs, a wide range of features, and integration with other business tools, such as CRM software.



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At first, companies were hesitant to use cloud phone systems, as they did not offer high-quality voice and were not as reliable as landlines. Early adopters did so primarily due to cost concerns, as cloud telephony services cost much less than traditional PBX systems. But vendors have improved the quality, reliability, and feature set available over the years. Now, cloud phone services are the most popular business-grade systems available on the market.



What are the benefits of a cloud phone system?


Low cost


The main benefit of choosing a cloud phone system is reducing the time and money spent running a phone system. It's a lot like choosing a hosted email service, like Gmail, over creating your own. With Hosted Phone Systems, you can also skip all the time spent on setup, updates, and security.


Increased security


Believe it or not, VoIP hacking is prevalent if you're not careful with your phone system. VoIP hackers will take control of phone systems to make calls with your money if you are not careful.


Ease of use


Cloud phone system providers offer administrative portals so that any designated team member can make changes (for example, add a new extension for a new employee) with just a few clicks. This is much more efficient for businesses than relying on a specific IT resource for complex configurations.


Scalability and remote work


A cloud phone system will allow your phone system to adapt to your business and support remote workers. Because the service is hosted on the Internet, remote employees can register their phones from anywhere. Today, millions of people work remotely every day around the world. Businesses without a cloud-hosted phone solution often reimburse home and employee cell phone bills, increasing their costs.


Initial investment


Why buy phone hardware and software that you have to maintain and update every few years? The initial setup costs alone often reach thousands of euros, leaving these out of the reach of small business systems. In contrast, cloud VoIP services allow you to start with a single number or a dozen, depending on your business needs.


Monthly bills


Everyone knows that nothing is free, but your internal calls are free with a cloud phone system. Any call made by one employee to another, no matter where they are, travel over the company's data network or the public Internet as a result your company does not have to pay for these calls. Plus, international calls are cheaper, too, as you only pay for a portion of the call as it travels through the PSTN.


Without maintenance


Since you don't have any hardware, there is no need to worry about equipment failure, deterioration, or regular maintenance. You don't have to renew software licenses or hire additional experts to manage the phone system.


Business owners can manage settings and change them through an online dashboard.

So what are you waiting for? Cloud phone systems are the best softphone out there; get yourself one now!