Three of the best morning habits successful people have

The first habit, breakfast. The ideal American breakfast consisted mostly of carbohydrate-heavy foods like cereal pancakes and oatmeal along with things like orange juice or milk.

This is said to be a good thing because carbohydrates give us energy and consuming a lot for breakfast allows us to function well during the day and it does not.

According to different studies, foods with many calories do produce an increase in willpower.

If you do not know what willpower is, it is basically a limited resource that we have, it is like a battery that allows us to do things during the day.

So it is very important but it was also found that although high carbohydrate meals increase willpower they only do so for a short time.

Protein loaded breakfast

This is because our body digests these foods quite quickly so if you eat a typical American breakfast you will feel great for an hour or two.

One more thing they do, they love greeting good mornings to their friends and family by sharing morning shayari, quotes, images, because they really value their relationships. 

But, in a short time your willpower will decrease and you will feel low in energy and it is not the only side effect, things like anxiety and mood are also affected by our level of willpower.

This is why you should have things for breakfast with a lot of fat and a lot of protein, these two have a lot of calories.

But they take much longer to break down and digest so they act as a continuous fuel source for our willpower throughout the day. Maintain good habits and get away from bad habits

Bathe with cold water

You will be surprised by the results

A habit that will change the way you feel during the day, "Tony Robbins" who can be considered the most successful mentor in the world takes a cold shower every morning.

He works almost seven days a week and yet at 57 he can give talks for up to 14 hours a day for 3 days in a row.

This is the first thing you do every day so there must be a reason behind this insanity. Exposing your body to extremely low temperatures has benefits in the first place, it greatly improves your mood according to a 2007 study by Nicolai Ski Book.

Taking cold showers releases norepinephrine into the blood. This hormone increases the heart rate, widens the pupils and even increases the entry of air into the lungs.

Cold showers were also found to release beta-endorphin into the blood. This hormone is the most powerful type of endorphin that our body produces naturally and is responsible for making us feel good.

Scientists consider beta-endorphin to be more powerful than morphine so cold showers not only make you feel wide awake but also make you feel good.

Secondly it is very easy to add another habit after taking a cold shower there are some habits that are quite difficult to adopt such as reading or meditating but when you take a cold shower and your body is flooded with these hormones that make you feel good it becomes very easy to continue with another habit.

Do something creative

Take advantage of your mornings

The third-morning habit that many successful people have is doing some kind of creative work for sure many are thinking; I don't draw, I don't write, and I don't do a lot of creative things. How can I do it?

There are two types of work the first could be called hard work, it is a type of work that does not require much thinking but usually takes a long time to do and has to be done in a certain way, many eight-hour jobs are like that. You don't need to think too much; they are almost automatic.

The other type of work is what is considered creative work is the type of work in which there are no strict rules that you must follow, you only have a couple of general indications about what to do but you can decide how to do it.

For example, let's say you are an entrepreneur your goal is to increase your monthly income and grow your business and there are infinite ways to do it, your creative work is to think of different ways and adjust your current strategies to achieve this.

Or it can be someone who wants to work on himself, hard work can be things like going to the gym or taking cold showers.

And creative work could be reading and thinking about how to organize your life to see positive changes.

Creative work

Mornings are the best time

Without a doubt, most do some kind of creative work, but why is it important to do this in the morning, it all comes down to willpower - willpower.

According to studies, creative activities require willpower so if you want to start a business but only want to work on it after a long day at work.

Good luck, because your willpower will be very low. It will be much more difficult for you to do your creative work at night than in the morning.

That is why every successful writer such as Stephen King, Mark Twain, and Franz Kafka wrote in the morning who said that on a typical day he writes from 8 a.m.

That is, he hardly gets up until around 12 noon because his willpower is at a peak during the morning when you want to do your creative work.