The Green Bay Packers used the 29th overall pick on cornerback Eric Stokes, a speedy cover man from Georgia.To buy more [b][url=]Green Bay Packers[/url][/b] with cheap price, you can visit official website.


In this new series from Packers Wire, we’ll dig into each of the team’s nine draft picks to find comparable current or past players in the NFL. Sometimes, finding the right player comp can help shine a light on what a rookie can do and what the rookie could become.

Like Shields, Stokes is a long, slender cornerback with blazing speed. The rookie’s feet during transitions can get a little sloppy at times and he’ll get grabby when he’s out of position, but the elite recovery speed usually saves him. Shields made a career out of masking subtle technique mistakes with his speed. Also, Shields transitioned to cornerback late in his football career. Stokes is also relatively new to the position. The Packers found ways to get Shields on the field early in his career despite entrenched starters, and he later became a Pro Bowler as a starter. The developmental pathway could look similar for Stokes. More than likely, it will be hard to keep Stokes and his speed off the field, even as a rookie.


Not surprisingly, the Packers had a lot of interest in Kyle Fuller in 2018, signing him to an offer sheet. Stokes has more speed than Fuller, who is a two-time Pro Bowler, but the size and agility numbers for the two players are very close. If Stokes can iron out some transition issues and become as sticky in coverage as Fuller while bringing more speed to the table, he’ll be a very good NFL cornerback for a long time.