There are several reasons and one of them concerns the sofa. If you notice it very often, the sofa is decorated with a series of various and colorful cushions. Cushions are a small decorative element that can make a big difference in an environment. Different types of cushions differ mainly in size, color, material, and fantasy. In this article I will tell you how to combine and compose them, to create a super lounge area like a true stylist.

At the base of everything, there is always a color palette, if you do not know how to find your own, I invite you to read this article: What is the color palette for? 4 effective ideas to find your one.

Find your color palette, which conforms to the shades present in your living room, and design the decoration for your sofa. Follow the 7 tips that I will give you shortly and you will see that you cannot go wrong!

TIP # 1


The cushions must vary from each other in terms of size, shape, color, and pattern. Even the cushions, as in the compositions, are to be considered as groups. Groups, which, like any other harmonic composition, must be composed of elements of different heights, colors, and textures to create movement.

TIP # 2

Mix patterns with solid colors

Once you have defined a color palette, feel free to mix patterns with solid colors, even better if you respect a theme or a style (the same one that you set for yourself when creating the mood board).

It is not true that stripes cannot be combined with polka dots, the important thing is to recall the same shades within the different patterns. Each cushion must be linked to the other through a common color, within the graphics.

The solid color is used to detach and rest the eye from the different patterns. Furthermore, to avoid a too confusing effect, I suggest you use both patterns with large designs and Start with a fantasy you like, and create your own set made up of other patterns and some solid colors.

TIP # 3

Mix different materials

Create additional contrast by mixing cushions of different fabrics. Dare and indulge yourself with the materials you like best: velvet cushion covers online, cotton, leather with pom-poms. 


TIP # 4

Symmetrical groups

For an interior with clean, elegant lines, symmetry is ideal. Pairs of overlapping cushions positioned at the ends of the sofa, give rigor but at the same time great respect and elegance.

TIP # 5

Asymmetric groups

For a cozier but still tidy look, asymmetrical pillow groups are ideal. Distinct and separate groups, each made up of 1 or 2 or 3 cushions. It all depends on the length of the sofa, but help yourself with this general rule: at the edge of the sofa place the groups of 2 or 3 and in the center the groups of 2 or 1. If you have a small sofa I suggest you create the composition with cushions on only one side, so as not to fill it too much.

TIP # 6

A touch of character

For an even more dynamic and personal effect, play with some cushions with very characteristic shapes or textures. There are various types for all tastes, such as long and narrow cushions, circular or star-shaped. In short, there is a spoiled choice. But be careful not to overdo it, make sure that for every 4 pillows, only one is the characteristic one that differs from the others.

TIP # 7

"Chubby " pillows

To create nice puffy, healthy-looking pillows, choose a fairly full and "chubby" interior. To be clear, don't buy Ikea's 3-euro interior. Yes, they are cheap, but you risk your pillows becoming limp and ugly.

I hope I have given you some useful tips to decorate the sofa with cushions and make your living room beautiful! My goal is to help you do it yourself, to learn the basic rules of this beautiful craft, to slowly develop the aesthetic sensitivity that leads you over time to create compositions in full autonomy like a true stylist.

Last tips and then I'll leave you, indeed, will I leave you with a question? When you have achieved a little more confidence in decorating your sofa with premium sofa cushion covers, what do you think if I told you to change the cushions, using pillowcases in theme with the current season? In this way every 3 months you will feel like you have a new sofa!

See you next week with a new article.