If not, get ready to change the way you think regarding long distance or international phone calls. Actually, you can use your Internet connection to make reasonable calls anywhere in the world. Now, we find more than a few Internet phone service providers all over the world that give this service at some or without any cost and can drastically assist you decrease your phone bills.

Over the last some years, we have noticed that the computer and Internet technology have completely changed the way people work, live as well as communicate. Mactel phone is one such revolution that has transformed the way people converse with each other.

Know the working of an Internet Phone

An Internet Phone utilized VoIP technology that converts the voice signal to a digital signal. This type of signal travels over the Internet and is changed back at the other end to voice thus you can speak to someone with a normal phone number. VoIP able to sends voice information in digital type in separate packets except in the traditional circuit-based protocols of the PSTN and supports you use your standard web connection to make phone calls all over the world at no cost or a very low cost.

How to call using Internet Phone?


To make a call with Internet Business phone, you can subscribe to a reliable Phone Service. You need to have a high-speed Internet connection. A few Internet Phone services permit you to utilize a regular telephone, as long as you attach it to an adaptor while some others permit you to make calls from a special VoIP phone or a computer that does not require an extra adapter.

As per upon the service that you select, one way to make a call is to choose your phone and call, using an adaptor which directly connects to your Internet connection. One more method is to use a microphone headset attracted to your computer. In this particular case, the number is dialed utilizing the keyboard and is directed through the cable modem.

Actually, your computer need not even be on in case you are making your calls with an adaptor and phone or special VoIP phone. It is just that your Internet connection have to be active. Even, you can utilize your computer while you are on the call.

How to select an Internet Phone Service?

As per upon the service of Internet Phone that you choose, you could be limited just to other subscribers to the service, or you can be able to contact any number, anywhere. The call can be made to a mobile phone, a local number, an international number or a long-distance number. Even, you can use the service for a conference callto speak with many persons at a time.

There are different Internet Phone Service providers provide different plans for making calls. Some of the service providers offer their service for without any cost, normally just for calls to other subscribers.