Choosing the material for flooring depends on the factors such as noise protection, cost, compassion, and continuance. Someone must not install hardwood or laminate type of flooring because of inherent damage from moisture. Confused with flooring? first, let's understand the meaning of flooring and we can describe it as the work of installing a permanent cover to a floor to provide a walking surface. There are various types of floor covering material such as.


  • Wood flooring.
  • Laminate flooring.
  • Hard flooring.
  • Hybrid flooring.
  • Resilient flooring.
  • Polymer flooring.
  • and sustainable flooring.


Are you planning to hire any Flooring Specialists in Christchurch for your home or commercial building and searching for the best company online? But not able to select the best. Here we come, we at Armourcrete with our professional team of flooring experts are ready to serve you with various flooring options in our catalogue for your many flooring requirements such as. 


  1. Industrial Flooring


  • Polyurethane concrete.
  • Epoxy flooring.


  1.     Decorative Flooring


  • Flake flooring.
  • Garage floor painting.


  1.   Concrete Preparation


  1. Concrete Repair.
  2. Concrete Polishing.


With an experience of over 15 years in the market, Armourcrete is one of the best Commercial Flooring Specialists in Christchurch and Concrete Floor Crack Repair experts. 


Coming to the Concrete cracks, there are various reasons for cracks in concrete such as.


  1. When something with much more weight than the strength of concrete is placed on the concrete floor leads to a crack in the floor.
  2. Because excess water evaporation by concrete causes the material to shrink, it creates tiny cracks that grow from time to time.
  3. A heavy substrate movement risk is there when concrete is placed on the top of a surface with various air-pocket of clay. Because of weather changes clay expands and causes cracks in concrete.


Armourcrete uses the below give criteria for Concrete Floor Crack Repair.


  • A complete inspection of damage.
  • Cleaning of cracks.
  • Sealing the concrete cracks with putty.
  • Attaching various ports on top of epoxy putty.
  • Injects epoxy repair solution into the ports.
  • Removal of ports when epoxy finishes curing.
  • Polishing of the complete surface.


There are various reasons to hire Armourcrete as your Flooring Specialists in Christchurch: 


  1. Available 24/7 to serve your commercial or residential flooring services.
  2. Tailor-made services according to your need and requirements.
  3. Time management is the key to success. Saving your time and money is our priority.
  4. Free estimates. Call us and we will love to travel to your place in Christchurch to discuss all your needs for flooring.